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  1. dlloyd

    Where are all my plectrums?

    lol... I tend to hold on to my wegen picks, which are about £15 each... they're fairly specific to Gypsy Jazz. But I bought six Dunlop Ultex Jazz III John Petruccis (bit of a mouthful) a couple of weeks ago I'm down to one.
  2. dlloyd

    Favourite Guitarists.

    Eric Clapton if only for being the reason I took up guitar all those years ago... although I haven't really listened to anything later than the 1970s... Jimi Hendrix... all day every day... Joe Pass Wes Montgomery Grant Green Django Reinhardt Stochello Rosenburg Birelli Lagrene Biel Ballister John Renbourn loads more
  3. dlloyd

    Your Signature Model?

    A Gibson ES175 in fluorescent green with a floyd rose.
  4. dlloyd


    Is this an "exclusively Fender Straturday"?
  5. dlloyd

    Pickups for a strat

    Yep, ballsy they are!
  6. "Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?" For an Epiphone Les Paul.
  7. dlloyd

    Pickups for a strat

    The pickups on the standard Squier aren't that bad... I'm not sure it would be worth it.
  8. dlloyd

    Favourite Strings

    I've tried them all and with a nickel allergy have settled with Ernie Ball Stainless Steel for most purposes, including acoustic... Flats, I've been using D'addario chromes lately or Thomastik swings.
  9. dlloyd

    Where did all the Yamaha SG guitars go?

    I think they suffered in the UK from association with 80s pop... once that was less fashionable, nobody wanted Yamaha SGs. Certainly by the late 80s they were less visible in guitar shops.
  10. dlloyd

    Cool, retro acoustic guitars?

    My small bodied acoustic guitars of choice are Selmer style guitars, particularly the D hole style. They're typically associated with gypsy jazz but are actually quite versatile. The Cigano GJ15 can be found for around the price you're looking at. I have one and it's really nice.
  11. dlloyd

    The delay and reverb thread

    It's a while since I've really thought about either as my last band was acoustic instruments only and the only reverb I used was the onboard reverb on my amp (Acus One Four 5). Back in the day, I used a Boss DD5 with an external tap tempo (Boss FS-5U) and Boss Fender 65 deluxe reverb, which was more of an amp simulator. I'd quite like to get back to the old pedalboard days...
  12. dlloyd

    NGD... almost

    Yep, ML1 Pro Modern... photo doesn't really do the flame justice. It's really nice. Fit and finish are as good as anything I've owned. The spec is excellent... I haven't played it for long as it still has nickel strings on, but there are a couple of sets of Ernie Ball Stainless steel slinkys on their way to me. Reasons I bought it... it's essentially the guitar I wanted as a kid, 30 years ago... Mahogany body, flame maple top, strat-ish shape, maple through neck, ebony fingerboard, minimal fret markers, two humbuckers... I was looking for a new guitar with stainless steel frets and thought "what the hell... I can return it if it's disappointing." I had been looking at Strandbergs, but they're a bit spendy. Korean guitars have really come on in the last few years and we're definitely at the point we were with Japanese guitars in the early 90s. Part of it is that they've been making them for so long, part of it is that their economy has strengthened to the point that you cannot build cheap guitars there any more.
  13. dlloyd

    NGD... almost

    Really pleased with it... nice thick maple cap (as opposed to the veneer you get on so many), through neck, nice low action without any buzz... the stainless steel frets are slippery smooth.
  14. dlloyd

    NGD... almost