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  1. The Epi 339 runs about $499 here in the US, and is, in many respects, worth the money. The guitar is fairly light, sits comfortably on the knee for seated playing, looks great, and has no cosmetic flaws that I can see. The fretboard is beautifully done, and all hardware works well and looks right. However, the guitar has problems. First, the top pickup is a snoozer--just not much there. If you are a jazz player looking for some subtle tones out of that pickup, you will be disappointed (as I was). I strung mine with flats--didn't help. Second, the action was far too high for comfortable chording; my luthier adjusted the bridge and truss rod, but most importantly lowered (shaved and re-slotted) the nut, which was too high and contributing much to the high action. It may be that I expected too much from this guitar. I bought it from an online retailer after looking in vain for weeks locally (we're pretty rural here); if I had played it before buying, I probably would not have bought it; after all, with the cost of the luthier and more cost for a new pickup, I will have spent up into a different quality of guitar.
  2. I am interested in the Ibanez line of jazz guitars. I was impressed by a video demo of the Artcore AS73 (produced by Yandas Music). If anyone has experience of any of this line, I'd like to hear your thoughts on quality, price--whatever impressed you (or turned you away). Thanks. Wylie
  3. Wylie

    Best jazz guitar?

    Thanks, EZ.
  4. Wylie

    Best jazz guitar?

    I am fairly new to this site, so I don't know if this topic has come up before. I currently play an Epi Les Paul, which is a great guitar; but I bought it mainly because the price was right (almost half price), and it weighs a ton. Still, great tone on the neck pickup with treble rolled all the way off. Because I play mostly jazz, I wonder if I might be better off with an Epi 339 style (or similar Gibson model, if it doesn't break the bank). Any thoughts on best jazz guitars, either slab body or hollow body? I am in the US. Thanks.
  5. MWH, the flats on my Epi Les Paul are 10s and the low E and the A string are very fat. Also, the 3rd is wound, which suits me. Really happy with how these D'addarios sound.
  6. You won't get the bending without exceptionally strong fingers. But the tone--nothing like it, for my money.
  7. Hello, GuitarChatters. I have been on BC for a good while. I play electric bass in a jazz trio (mostly jazz standards, along with sentimental favorites [not always mine] and originals) of bass, violin, and keyboard. While I played guitar for many years as a 'bold strummer', good with a flat pick and fingers, I never progressed above the Arctic Circle of the fifth fret. Now I am ready to learn more--jazz, or something in the style of Richard Thompson--and recently bought a Fender Duo-Sonic. We'll see how it goes! My bass training should come in handy. Wylie
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