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  1. i have played mostly rock etc for many years , and took up CG in the mid-nineties to keep practicing away from amps etc. As life has gone on i have been underwhelmed by the CG world with its bunker mentality , and would like to see it develop more on rock lines .e.g whats the first thing you do when you plug in? find other like minds to make an appalling row until some music comes out!! Or maybe just leave CG players in the sidings ?
  2. malc

    virtual Meetings?

    sonobus and jamulus work o.k have a listen to full rock bands playing in time , and they are free sonobus only needs ethernet , jamulus needs ASIO
  3. malc

    virtual Meetings?

    Sonobus doesnt need any special stuff
  4. malc

    virtual Meetings?

    Does anyone go on Zoom or better jamkazam ? i'm doing one tomorrow thru "meetups" and would like to do classical duets or more .
  5. I have many years of electric and classical , does anyone else read scores rather than TABs ?
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