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  1. Sorry for not getting back guys, I've been quite ill and I forgot about this thread. Thanks for the feedback, I think I'm probably going to sell my Blackstar HT-1 1 watt amp and cab ( it's a limited edition 1 watt valve ) and going for a Fender Bassbreaker 30R Lots of valves and 3 levels of overdrive! should wake the neighbours.... cheers, Tom.
  2. Anybody got one? tried one? I'd like some feedback about them please. This would be mostly home/church use only as I'm new to electric guitars and have an Epiphone Sheraton from 2004 and a Squier standard strat to play around with. I need loud standard sound without effects for church (reverb ok) and like to play with overdrive and power chords at home. Would this fit the bill? Thanks for any input or suggestions for anything better. Tom.
  3. Smoothhound, quiet very reliable, we use 2 of them for guitar and bass. Faultless.
  4. I would try the Yamaha APX series, I had the 12 string version and it was very easy to play, I have small hands too so I imagine the 6 would be good. Try one in your local music shop. They can be had really cheaply used, the key being that a low action will make most guitars easier to play. good luck!
  5. Well I've not been well enough to do this until now. I've bought a set of triple hots from Warman and I'll get them fitted in the next 2 weeks and report back on what they're like. Cheers.
  6. Thanks guys, I just have a memory from when I had my guitar shop in Whitby of fitting some TS's into a strat for someone and they were really ballsy. Now that I'm retired I can treat myself to some so I thought... well you know. I'll go and have another play and turn the volume up a bit
  7. Hey guys, I have a new Squier strat, this one: https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Squier-Standard-Strat-MN-Candy-Apple-Red/9J4 I want some better pickups (Texas Specials) but the price is off putting so I wondered if anyone has tried Warman Tex Specials and if they are as good as they say? Appreciate some feedback please. Or is there something better for 30 quid. cheers, Tom.
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