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  1. I'm a purely home electric guitarist, not gigging, with a small budget. Because I keep tripping over my lead, I looked at the cheapest wireless systems such as this one on eBay for £17. Has anyone tried these ultra-cheap ones, and if so are they useable - not for gigs or anything professional, merely at home instead of a lead? I'm thinking that they might have a lag, crackle or interfere with neighbours' TVs and so on.
  2. I'd like to experiment with the kind of rhythmic control over signal level synced to a track as Johnny Marr did with his guitar on 'How Soon Is Now' in which a drum machine is inserted into a compressor's sidechain (see this YouTube demo). I use Cubase AI which has a VSTDynamics processor with a sidechain function, though I don't think it can be used this way. Is there a free VST compressor/gate that enables its sidechain to be controlled by a rhythmic input? Perhaps someone will educate me on how to achieve what I want.
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