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  1. Hi. As an ancient guitar nerd in lockdown......as are many of us...... thought it time to do some maintenance on my guitars. You may note from my profile picture that I'm a bass player, although, now days spend more time spreading my lack of talent to the 6 string lead instrument. I write and record (for fun) mostly instrumental ditties and I have a terrible singing voice. All good fun. H

    1. MWH


      Aw c'mon,  we're nearly all bass players here,  and I bet your lack of talent is better than my lack of talent,   cos I bet I'm even Older than you  !       Oh me back .....

    2. gary mac

      gary mac

      Hi Howard. My guitars, basses and mandolin have never been cleaner. 9_9 

      All those other little jobs that needed doing have also been attended to.

      Lockdown is not so bad for us ancient guitar nerds.

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