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  1. I have been in contact with Dave at Eternal Guitars and Pickups and he was kind enough to supply following info: Hi Howard, Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I know those pickups very well. They were originally designed to produce a bright, glassy tone and offer players with rosewood fingerboards a tone similar to a maple ‘board. I used them for a few years, before deciding that I actually for preferred the ’Timeless’ models (which I’ve since tweaked a little to my taste) as they offer a far more authentic vintage sound to my ears. I don’t currently have the Blackjacks on my website but I do have the winding spec. if you ever wanted another set. All the best, Dave
  2. Thanks all. 'Sounds' like they are decent pickups. I was happy with them when I bought the guitar. Always assumed that they weren't the ceramic pups that were sometimes in Mexican strats, although mine predates the time that fender used those. Still interested to find out the spec for these 'Blackjacks'.
  3. That's a real tough question Dave Gilmour Roine Stolte (Flower Kings/Transatlantic) Gary Green (Gentle Giant) Probably be different tomorrow!
  4. To amuse myself during lockdown, decided to get round to wiring the bridge pickup on my MIM strat, to the tone control. Very easy. However, to my surprise found that the pickups were not the original fender type but Wizard 'Blackjacks'. All I could find out on the net was that Wizard Pickups are no longer in business. They may or may not be handmade/wound in the UK(Wales)? I bought this guitar, secondhand about 8 years back. Always been happy withe the sound and have only set it up a few times when changing string guage. Anybody know anything about these pickups? Cheers H
  5. Hi. As an ancient guitar nerd in lockdown......as are many of us...... thought it time to do some maintenance on my guitars. You may note from my profile picture that I'm a bass player, although, now days spend more time spreading my lack of talent to the 6 string lead instrument. I write and record (for fun) mostly instrumental ditties and I have a terrible singing voice. All good fun. H

    1. MWH


      Aw c'mon,  we're nearly all bass players here,  and I bet your lack of talent is better than my lack of talent,   cos I bet I'm even Older than you  !       Oh me back .....

    2. gary mac

      gary mac

      Hi Howard. My guitars, basses and mandolin have never been cleaner. 9_9 

      All those other little jobs that needed doing have also been attended to.

      Lockdown is not so bad for us ancient guitar nerds.

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