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  1. A very decent Fifties inspired Strat, that I’ve put together. Lovely low action, with just the slightest relief to the neck, makes it easy to play. Sounds like a Strat should sound, the Classic Vibe pickups do a great job. Neck is from a Classic Vibe. I’ve re fretted it with medium gauge frets. There is absolutely no wear. Radius is 9.5” Don’t know the make of tuners but they function perfectly, feel good and hold tuning well. Body is a Squier from 96 and is full thickness. No major dinks, some slight signs of age. All hardware is good and everything functions as it should. Strung with a new set of D’Addario 10’s. No case, so collection preferred. Can post, on the understanding that the neck will be removed, prior to wrapping and boxing up. Cost will be around £17.
  2. I installed Wizard pickups in a couple of Jazz basses and was very impressed. Yes, they were made in Wales and the chap has retired, I seem to recall that the business is up and running again but not sure who's involved, sorry.
  3. Stevie Marriot Dave Gilmour Glen Tilbrook
  4. Try to not let it be exposed to extremes in temperature and humidity.
  5. Some nice instruments there Kiwi and interesting mods
  6. Not at all bad when playing. It's certainly a huge step up compared to much of the Squier range.
  7. I've dropped the price to £375. A great guitar for not much dosh.
  8. I would get the strings on and enough tension to open the crack. Then using a syringe filled with a good quality wood glue (Titebond is the normal choice), inject it into the crack. Slacken the strings slightly to close the crack a little. Wipe off any excess glue and then leave to cure for 48 hours. Should be good.
  9. Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum.
  10. Still available and offers considered.
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