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  1. gary mac

    She lucked out on this in auction

    What a great investment and pressie for her hubby
  2. gary mac


    That's a cool looking guitar, really like the bound fret board. Mine is a Strat free house at the moment, so I can't join in.
  3. gary mac

    Tele Tuesday

    That is one very good looking Tele.
  4. gary mac

    Set of six in line tuners.

    Offers by pm.
  5. Will look forward to hearing the sound clips.
  6. Trevor, I've strung plenty of acoustics of late with D'Addario strings and the customers have been very happy. Actually not the coated variety though, so no help, sorry
  7. gary mac

    Favourite Strings

    D'Addario all the way for me, on bass, guitar and mandolin. I'll be sticking with them and have stopped looking elsewhere.
  8. gary mac

    Vintage guitar - website resource

    It's one I visit often Dan👍
  9. gary mac


    Mine's a Strat free zone at the moment.
  10. gary mac


    Nice but I couldn't live with the hole in the guard
  11. gary mac

    Favourite guitar shops?

    I don't visit guitar shops very often these days, but really like Coda in Old Stevenage. One of those shops with a great owner, good staff and a proper range of instruments at all price points.
  12. gary mac

    Finished pics! A Bitsa Dreadnought for me :)

    Come on Andy, it's tomorrow now, no time for a lie in, you have a neck to get on with.😀 Spectacular job as always.👍
  13. Set of tuners removed from a G&L Fallout. Ratio 18:1 Condition is great, they work smoothly and hold tune perfectly. £30 inc post (mainland). Payment by bank transfer preferred.
  14. 1978 Fender Telecaster Custom and Original Fender Case. In great condition and with the exception of a couple of saddle screws, all original. Although it is often quoted online, that the seventies Fenders are all heavy and poorly put together with sloppy fitting necks etc. this forty year old guitar definitely does not fall in to that category. The neck is a lovely fit in the pocket. The controls work faultlessly. All hardware is present and correct, including the original ash tray/bridge cover. Truss rod functions as it should. The weight is 8lb 6oz. The one piece body looks great. Finish is good with a few dings and buckle rash. The pick guard is all intact, with slight buckling and a scratch, which should all be visible in the photos. The neck is comfortable and the radius is 7.25. Width at nut is 42.25 mm. Frets are still very good, with just a little grooving under the G, to the first few. Tuning, playing and intonation are not affected. The case is in great condition and all latches work perfectly. Plenty of photos attached, which will hopefully show all the details that you need. I looked for a long time to find a good vintage Tele and have been very happy with my purchase. Reason for sale is that I’m only gigging on bass, my guitar playing is just at home, for my own enjoyment and my Tribute G&L is all I really need for that at the moment. I'm asking £2350. Cash on collection preferred. Bank Transfer would be ok. If postage is required I will provide a costing to include insurance cover. Any questions, offers, or if additional photos are required just message me. I