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  1. Try to not let it be exposed to extremes in temperature and humidity.
  2. Some nice instruments there Kiwi and interesting mods 👍
  3. Not at all bad when playing. It's certainly a huge step up compared to much of the Squier range.
  4. I've dropped the price to £375. A great guitar for not much dosh.
  5. I would get the strings on and enough tension to open the crack. Then using a syringe filled with a good quality wood glue (Titebond is the normal choice), inject it into the crack. Slacken the strings slightly to close the crack a little. Wipe off any excess glue and then leave to cure for 48 hours. Should be good.
  6. Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum.
  7. Still available and offers considered.
  8. These days almost all of the entry level instruments are good, maybe not brilliant but certainly much, much better than they were in the days of old. Get out and try a few, find one that feels right to you. The best thing you can then do, is have it properly set up, whether you do it yourself or pay a tech, honestly it will make the learning experience easier and more of a pleasure.
  9. I must stop buying guitars Anyway, this is a nice early example of a Tribute Asat, equipped with Leo's very powerful MFD pick ups. Very good condition, with one dink to the top horn and one on the back of the neck (see pics). Everything works as it should and the weight is just over 8lb. I've given it a proper clean , set up and a new set of D'Addarios. Decent hard case included. Price is £ 425 now £395. Collection preferred but can courier for around £20 (mainland only)
  10. Not sure how crisp clean you're going to get, given that you go for a slightly overdriven AC30. Having said that, a pick up swap can really improve things. I've installed Seymour Duncans on a customer's SG and he loved the result.
  11. Treat yourself to a new selector switch.
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