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  1. He's been dealt with.
  2. I've bought the last few editions of Guitarist and found it a good read, with plenty of varied content.
  3. When it's in its resting position, is the base of the unit , dead level with the surface of the guitar? If it's not then you need to balance the tension of the springs . If it's not level it just won't function correctly or return to pitch.
  4. What a great investment and pressie for her hubby
  5. That's a cool looking guitar, really like the bound fret board. Mine is a Strat free house at the moment, so I can't join in.
  6. That is one very good looking Tele.
  7. Trevor, I've strung plenty of acoustics of late with D'Addario strings and the customers have been very happy. Actually not the coated variety though, so no help, sorry
  8. D'Addario all the way for me, on bass, guitar and mandolin. I'll be sticking with them and have stopped looking elsewhere.
  9. Mine's a Strat free zone at the moment.
  10. Nice but I couldn't live with the hole in the guard
  11. I don't visit guitar shops very often these days, but really like Coda in Old Stevenage. One of those shops with a great owner, good staff and a proper range of instruments at all price points.
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