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  1. this is where i bend the neck so the crack widens to show the maximum crack
  2. Hi, This is a Hoffner Acoustic - Model HAS-DC01-N. It has had a couple of falls, but it had a recent fall after which it got this neck crack. I continued playing the guitar, trying to ignore the problem, but realized it only gets worse. I unstrung the guitar and let it be for almost 2 weeks, so that the crack doesn't grow due to string tension (I use lights .10s D'Addario Phosphor Bronze). I wanted to take it to a luthier but there are no real professional luthiers where I live, and partly because I've been ripped off by them is the reason I didnt visit one. I looked up online and it seems, it is fairly simple to fix the crack (mine in this case, as other cracks might be complicated to fix them yourself if you don't know what you're doing). But I'm a little skeptical. I would appreciate any help, on how to fix this guitar. Can I just fix it with glue, or will I have to necessarily take it to a professional? What kind of Glue should I get? Brand names wont help because they wont be available here. The type of glue would be helpful. And anything else, ie. The process, the healing time. Anything which you think would be beneficial for me to know about https://ibb.co/9yfSLqX https://ibb.co/yyLYtvC https://ibb.co/BTJ6Xyf https://ibb.co/CPg5C7c
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