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  1. I'm trying to practice my soloing. How does one sound like their playing music when improvising? I feel like I'm just playing random notes of a pentatonic scale with the backing track even when I try to play the chord tones. I try to come up with licks on the spot, however they do not sound like music.
  2. Improvising was what I had in mind when I was writing my question, however answers concerning playing well-known licks are also helpful, thanks.
  3. You're right, it does run out! I've been avoiding the metronome for so long, but I do appreciate its importance so I'm going to start using it properly. We all start somewhere so I do need to be more patient. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Any advice on building speed on the guitar when playing licks please? I am struggling to play fast licks. I'm not talking about shredding, I just want to be able to do one of those super cliche bluesy scale runs. I've got the notes, the music theory etc. However I just can't do it fast. Any advice would be helpful please. Thanks.
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