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  1. So posters can’t say what they think to another poster without going through a moderator first ? Im not willing to go back in the USSR. I tried but I am done here.Please remove me from this forum.
  2. Im a big fan of Dave Simpson’s YouTube videos. You get what you see on the box with Dave nothing else. Always comes over as a nice guy. No selling just him and his reviews. He is a brilliant guitar player and fun to watch. Earlier today I had a box of effects pedals arrive but also had the scaffolders arrive at the same time to dismantle the poles and boards needed to paint the upstairs part of my place.. A ladder was good enough in my day. Another stupid health and safety rule IMO. I couldn’t be bothered to start playing with the pedals because of the noise on my patio (they also had a industrial looking radio playing BBC radio 1) How sad is that. Anyway I digress. I went onto YouTube on my big screen for a change and Lee Pops up with a Andertons interview with Dave.. So had to watch it . It was well worth watching Just wish it was longer . https://youtu.be/uKuAVipDi88
  3. When this album blew me away.
  4. This outstanding double vinyl album is now £5.76 www.amazon.co.uk/Live-Music-VINYL-Joe-Jackson/dp
  5. I’ve bought a couple of these £20 kits to add to our cigar box and Ukulele collection after stumbling across it on YouTube a few nights ago. looks like fun.
  6. I’ve bought a couple of these £20 kits to add to our cigar box collection after stumbling across it on YouTube a few nights ago. Look like fun.
  7. Joe has been playing on this live stream all this evening Still on now. Some brilliant musicians playing with him.
  8. I splashed out on six new effects pedals earlier today. Will give us something to do .
  9. Thanks I’ve already got a few of these Gravity single wall hangers . and a 7 guitar Gravity floor rack. Ive ordered two of the Spring Swing systems to go along a long wall. Had a look on YouTube and reviews on line and it seems just what I’ve been looking for. Just need to get my drill back from my son.
  10. Has anyone on here had any experience of using these ? Im after some angle guitar wall hangers and this system looks ok. Are any of you using something similar you would recommend I take a look at ?
  11. This LP is £6.99 now but be quick if you want a copy. www.amazon.co.uk/Morning-VINYL-Tyler-Ramsey/dp
  12. This collection is something else. Enjoy.
  13. Just finished watching this. https://youtu.be/48Owmaxh0cM
  14. My mate popped round to pick some naim speaker cables up yesterday with his 60s Fender Tele. Have to say we both had a jaw hit floor moment when he played both. Yes there was a SQ difference but not that much to warrant the massive price difference. He loved my Fender Squire Mustang but was blown away by my HB SC450 Plus LD Vintage. He ordered one when he got home.
  15. I’ve been giving this guitar some serious Joe Walsh action for 4 hours. New strings needed for my fingers.
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