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  1. It comes built just string fitting needed. I wouldn’t bother changing jack socket to use as a lefty just use a angled jack £32.88 on amazon. www.amazon.co.uk/Electric-Blues-Box-Slide-Guitar/dp After watching the above video I’ve bought one for myself and for my son for a bit of fun. I will round off the neck straight edges though. Will only take a few minutes to do with a Stanley blade and a sanding block.
  2. Mayu is a internet troll. You need to sort out who joins this forum??
  3. PMT are quite prolific on YouTube with two guys that are interesting to watch. So I don’t think you can blame pricing on bricks and mortar Shops. If you are a big chain of shops like PMT are. The internet shopping part of there business should be massive by now. Especially now in these coronavirus times.
  4. Jazz Club


    A Bong looper delay. I really like the song.
  5. How can I stop really fit female groupies from throwing themselves at the guitarists and singers and throw themselves at the drummer? Was my O level research.
  6. £215 will get you one of these excellent Harley Benton 12 strings from Thomann.
  7. £37 will get you a nice 3 string DIY kit.
  8. I was a drummer percussionist that had to stop playing back in 1999/ 2000 for medical reasons. I’ve got a few acoustic and electric bass guitars. I have arthritic fingers and recently took up the bass again as a form of hand and finger exercise and something to do with my son during lockdown.
  9. My son and I have been keeping the cardboard box recycling guys in work That’s for sure.🙂
  10. Electronics route to switch and knobs on the back. Thats why I showed it was a Hardtail red Strat . It holds its own against some of my early 70s versions.
  11. Yeah that happens to be my favourite of the three. The Coil - Tapping Humbucker push pull facility is exceptional.. Saying that All three give my mates very expensive original Gibson’s a fookin good run for the money. I also love the extra cutaway design so people like me with short stubby fingers can get right down and bend strings without having to go to hospital after 😂 Probably the best £169 I’ve spent this year. I bought it a lovely case because it deserved it.😎 I still might buy a white vintage version to complete the set.
  12. I’ve got some good friends in Stowmarket . To old to start gigging now tho.
  13. I watched the Danish Pete interview last week for the first time. Didnt know anything about Petes history before watching it.. Quite interesting.
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