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  1. One for those Basschat folks who are starting to peruse this fresh off the block forum... With bass I'm a heavy pedal user and consider my preamp and gain pedals as more important than what my bass amp can offer tonally, but with guitar I'm completely the opposite. Gibson SG Standard into a Tiny Terror and I'm good to go! I sometimes stick a delay or reverb pedal in line, but enjoy the simplicity of guitar straight into amp. Totally not the same with bass though, I run 11 pedals at the moment. Does anyone else find this, or vice versa?
  2. Oh! This feels familiar. More strings than I'm used to, but I do dabble beyond 4 every now and then so I'll try and maintain similar contributions to Basschat here with a solid 2-3 posts per year. I've always been more of a reader than a typer anyway. Heck, I'm oversharing. Back into hiding....
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