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  1. Should I ever get brave enough or my luthier takes it off, I will post
  2. It's arrived . PRS SE Hollowbody 2 Piezo. . . . . . Absolutely stunning guitar in all respects.
  3. RobF

    Good morning

    My name is Rob and I'm a (limited ) bass player. there , I've got that off my chest. recently ordered a new treble stick, a PRS SE Hollowbody to begin to learn properly.
  4. New things ? How about the PRS SE Hollowbody 2 with piezo. Sounds good to me and I will know later today just how good .
  5. RobF

    New Tanglewood semi

    Just this second arrived. . . Intact, byDPD. Looks lovely, will try it later.
  6. RobF

    New Tanglewood semi

    After a quick visit to the bay of evil last night I came away winning this . model TE 5 EB. I couldn't find any info anywhere on the interweb so I contacted Tanglewood direct to find out that it is so new that they have not added it to their website yet, and that only 24 will be released in each colour this year. The pickups, headstock , the two controls ( one volume and one tone ? ) and the offcentre dot markers seem to hint at a modern rocker rather than traditional 335 type, how a music shop can let it go at far less than 1/3 of the RRP is beyond me, but I'm not going to complain and I will give it a go when it arrives on Tuesday.
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