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Can i reverse the prewired pick up and loom assy for lefthanded strat

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AFAIK, my 1994 US Fender Strat uses the same set-up as a right handed guitar; the only difference it makes is with the pots. Because they taper the way they do, fitting everything in in mirror image (basically upside down  to achieve that - you can't have the pup wiring running the opposite direction, remember, it won't fit), the numbers on the knobs run the 'wrong' way around - e.g. if memory serves (it's been a long time since I looked down at it, and my eyesight isn't what it was to notice this when playing....), the volume knob on mine effectively runs 10 to 1, loudest to quietist, opposite what it should. Never bothered me, tbh, though I am sure somebody somewhere probably makes a knob that just pops in and give it 'right'.  If you're big on those volume knob 'violin swell' effects, the volume pot will run the other direction using a r/h loom on a let handed guitar, so you'd have to factor that in. 

The other thing, of course, is pickups. If you're using flat poles there will be no difference; 50s style staggered poles will end up the other way up from designed. Course, Hendrix wasn't exactly held back by that. Some will claim Jimi made that part of his tone, but tbh once you're amped and cranked, you'd probably need at least a touch of canine dna in you to notice the difference. 

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On 24/02/2021 at 23:20, Kiwi said:

it really depends on the direction of the connections and how much slack there is in the wiring.  There's going to be a lot of twisting. 

This was my thinking.

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On 08/03/2021 at 03:12, Teletastic said:

The problem with swapping left and right handed parts is that the pots have a logarithmic sweep. So if you wire them the other way the volume won’t work evenly.

...which is exactly what happens on my 1990 Am. Std. It basically becomes an on/off switch.

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9 hours ago, Dad3353 said:

It's usually a simple enough job to swap the audio taper volume pots for reverse audio; these are readily available. Just sayin'

Reverse Logarithmic Pots ...

Yes indeed, but it's never really bothered me in 30-odd years of ownership, and being the lazy tart that I am I decided to let it slide some time ago. xD

My '84 335 is a different matter though: everything works back to front, which at times has been slightly annoying, but being the lazy, etc....

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