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  1. I'm a beginner and find 0.6 Tortex are ideal for me.But I tried a celluloid fender 0.6 and it was a little different to use,so went back to the tortex.
  2. No I was thinking of a specific learners section. Nothing too technical,something to get us learners started.
  3. I like the idea of a learners section. I am sure it will be a valuable asset.
  4. Brilliant thread.Nice guitars and gear. I have only a telecaster and practice amp.As I am learning ever so slowly.
  5. I am a novice.But keen to learn. Guitar is a telecaster.Practice and only amp is a 15 watt grafter with an overdrive button and gain knob. I am getting the opening bit bang on as taught by andyguitar.Just cannot get the sound right.Any tips that may help please.
  6. As above. I visit every day.Not very many new posts though.Nothing wrong with the forum at all.
  7. Calloused up nicely. I never realized how difficult it would be. Really enjoying the journey.Frustrating and disheartening at times yes.But it's a challenge I am taking on.
  8. Andyguitar has a nice easy teaching style.I use a combination of andyguitar and justinguitar on YouTube.Slowly, very slowly progressing.
  9. Scratcher


    Welcome. Nice little collection you have there.I rather like the epiphone 250.
  10. Lovely work. Keep us going with your piccies as you build it.I just love creativity.
  11. Some lovely jobs here. Such talent some people have.
  12. It has an overdrive button.And a gain control.I will try your suggestions and see how I get on I was really getting myself all muddled as to which to turn up and down. I also used the bridge pickup thinking it would work as the neck pickup seemed quieter.I was possibly going completely the wrong way about it. I am a total novice so everything is learning.Thank you. I really want to play something through so I feel I am progressing.Everything is a bit of a struggle at the moment.
  13. I am a newcomer to guitar (completely). I feel to be kind of progressing but I am currently trying to learn paranoid as I have been told it's good to learn and fairly easy supposedly. I have a telecaster and grafter amp with overdrive switch. I cannot seem to get a sound anywhere near the online tuition. What settings should I be using? The guitar is a telecaster with standard pickups.
  14. What a beautiful looking guitar good luck with the sale.
  15. First newbie question. I tuned the guitar using a clip on tuner some were ok some of the strings out. Got them all bang on without the amp connected. Now when I practice the chords I have learnt already it is very hard to get the string down on the neck on the thinner strings. Have I tuned it wrongly.Its a telecaster if that helps. Mods feel free to move this post if it's in the wrong place.
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