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    Thank you, the Epiphone will never be sold , it has a bit of history . Given to me by the guy who was my original mentor and supplied my first electric guitar . It's a 1970 model and was refretted in America by the guitar tech for Wings when they were on tour . It arrived to me in one of Paul McCartneys old padded gig bags ( very old and battered) It plays very very well and is in superb condition, and I have the trem arm . The LP is getting near finished
  2. grumpy52


    My Epiphone 250 . Given to me by the same guy that gave me my first Semi Hollow fifty years ago.
  3. grumpy52


    My first ever guitar forum ! I'm 64 and been tinkering since I was 12 . The usual stuff as a school kid with a cheap Chinese acoustic then a copy Stratocaster . Was given a semi hollow epiphone and got conned into a 9 piece band with my dad at 16 , all the others were professional RAF musicians . Had a finger crushed 20 years ago which curtailed playing for many years then had a stroke 10 years ago that has affected parts of my memories. Currently have 5 guitars, A 12 string electro acoustic, a Tanglewood 4 string bass , A fender Stratocaster copy , An Epiphone 250 that is 50 years old , a Les Paul copy that I aquired a month ago that requires cleaning and modifications and a proper set up . Run through a Marshall mgfx50 , toneworks effects processor and a Behringer Hellbabe wah pedal .
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