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  1. I do all my guitar shopping online because I'm in Northern Ireland and there are no good shops here. I've had good experiences with Guitar Guitar, Andertons and Strings Direct for all my strings and picks. Those are the main three that I use for guitars and gear.
  2. Are you using a noise gate? I can hear heavy use of a noise gate which gives their palm mutes that crazy tight sound.
  3. @Andrew_S thanks for these IRs. There are so many that I'm not sure where to begin. Can you, or someone, advise me? I don't like too much bass (I hate boomy bottom ends) and I like lots of mids and top end, although not harsh. Any recommendations?
  4. Hi MGAW, I hope your nan is keeping well.
  5. I thought it would be cool if we could share our favourite YouTube channels for backing tracks. I mainly use MyDarnJamTracks and Elevated backing tracks on YouTube. I think those are the two most popular and their tracks seem to be very well produced. Well, share what you have!
  6. Your username is fantastic!!
  7. Choptones have IRs for sale on their site. I can't comment on the quality, but maybe someone else has tried them?
  8. I currently have a Boss GT-1, Boss GT-001 and my main unit right now is a Boss GT-1000. I've own loads of modellers in the past, including most of the Line 6 POD units - I had a Pocket POD that I sold and regret it. It was a decent plug and play unit that sounded pretty good. The GT-1000 really is something else though. I only got it a few days ago and haven't really explored all the options but you can tweak it so much and get really detailed.
  9. Apart from the Boss DD-500 I really like the MXR Reverb, it's the best sounding reverb I have played. The Boss RV-5 is another one of my favourites, which I had been using regularly up until I got the MXR. I would always have the MXR on the plate setting and I took one of the presets on the DD-500 and tweaked it around to my liking. I don't use delay alway the time, but leave reverb on all the time. Sometimes I run RV-5 > DD-500 > MXR Reverb. I got the idea from Devin Townsend and it does give you an absolutely huge sound, even from a small practice amp at home.
  10. All pedals are boxed and are in excellent condition. The box for the Top Fuel is a bit bashed, but all the other boxes are in good nick. UK and PayPal only. No part exchanges or trades as I'm getting rid of all my pedals. Prices including shipping from Northern Ireland. Tracking number will be supplied and signature will be required upon delivery. As I'm a new member here and no one really knows me, you can check out my feedback on eBay and on thefretboard.co.uk. Although I advertised the total price, I am selling each pedal individually. You can buy them all if you like though! Skreddy Top Fuel - £70 Suhr Rufus - £80 MXR Micro Amp + £65 Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Overdrive - £30 Zoom G1Xon - £40
  11. What about Chop Suey by System of a Down? It's a pretty good rhythm and and timing workout.
  12. bingefeller

    FS forum

    Thanks guys, I'll just stick a few things on and see how it goes.
  13. They are every guitarists favourite
  14. bingefeller

    FS forum

    I have some items that I'd like to sell but I see that you need to list a price. When you have more than one item do you create a thread for each item?
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