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  1. I love the Uke, it's silly and simple and fun, but the shapes are different, and early on most people tend to think in terms of shapes. It's not insurmountable in terms of confusion, and I suspect in the long run there would be some kind of benefit, but I think it would be more beneficial for your early progress, to try and source a cheap/borrowed/ used guitar to play at home, and leave it there for when you visit in future if that's possible.
  2. Now £140 Ibanez Gio 7221QA, 7 String in a rather fetching transparent blackburst over quilted maple. It's subtle, but really comes alive under lights. I bought it for a couple of studio days, so it's had that and a couple of weekends working out the parts at home. Plays lovely and sounds great. Typical thin, satin Ibby neck. Holds its tuning nicely too. No paint chips or anything like that, but some light swirling in the laquer from pick/finger contact as is typical of mega shiny finishes. Strung with a brand new set of Slinkys (9-52), with an additional spare set of the same unopened. No case, so it would need to be pick up or meet up, I'm in Bushey, Herts. It's my first post here, I just popped in from Basschat as I thought it's an item more suited to here. Obviously I've no feedback here, but for members of both sites I'm easiliy checkable... if that's even a word. 🤣
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