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  1. Thanks Nick, again very useful.
  2. I love the way most responses are from bass players from Basschat! I made up the budget to be honest, I have no idea on what budget constitutes reasonable for guitar. My sister is cautious with her money but also wealthy enough to want to and be able to do right by her kids. I guess the answer is what is best for a learner, who may give up. He played sax in his school band and so is already musical. I have a call with him tomorrow and then a potential PMT Oxford visit just after 12 Apr, assuming he is back at college by then.
  3. This is great EZbass. Thank you and some good stuff for me to start the conversation. He has expressed interest several times, so hopefully an easier sell.
  4. Evening, I am a longstanding member of Basschat, the sister forum to here, and need some advice. Please be polite to the low end dude! My sister has volunteered me to advise my nephew on buying an electric guitar and start kit. I have no knowledge of such things, however as I went straight to bass and have never even played a guitar. Can someone please a reasonable guitar for upto say £500 and what amp to get (perhaps for gigs at some point but currently for use in student digs / home). Power? Make? Preferred speaker size etc. Anything I might need to know to help him out. What pedals, if any, should he buy as a starter? His music taste is what I would call rock, but he believes is metal. Thank you.
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