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  1. Repetition is the key for me. I've spent a long time looping solo sections of backing using common chord progressions, then indulging in focussed noodling.... like regular noodling, but concentrating on sounding good against the chords, phrasing in a meaningful way, and getting the whole section to feel complete, as if it's going somewhere, and making a statement within the chosen number of bars. I feel I'm just getting to the point where I can just go for my first choice and it sounds ok, then I can try and refine it.
  2. As annoying as it is, I've found everything above to be true. It's just taken me about 4 weeks to get one 2 bar run up to tempo for a recording I need to do. I knew what I wanted to play, but could only manage it about half speed. I did try to take a shortcut, but all the way along I knew what was probably the only way... so I went for it, same run every time I picked up the guitar, increasing the metronome by a couple of BPM every few days when I could do it comfortably. It's probably not even that fast or complex for a proper guitarist, but there's a sense of achievement playing it right (almost) every time now.
  3. I'm a big fan of the Wilkinson E Z Lock Tuners on my Vintage V6. The damn thing just won't go out of tune, no matter how much bending I do, or how much whammy action I give it.... They've been a bit of a revelation. As much as I love my old Westbury Standard, in the studio earlier this year I was having to tune between every take. No such problems with the V6 on the last session. Can't help with the second bit though, sorry!
  4. Another shout for Vintage here! I'm a bass player as a rule, but I've ended up doing the guitar work on our latest recording. I had the heavy side covered, but needed a strat type for a couple of tunes. After ages going through reviews I ended up opting for a Vintage V6 Reissued. I bought through Richards Guitars as I know he's pretty vicious in terms of setup and quality control, It was maybe about 15 quid more than the cheapest I could find, but it arrived beautifully set up, and plays like a guitar at twice the price. I was prepared to swap out the pickups, and had budgeted for that, but the Wilkinsons that it came with use are really good, so I shan't bother. Hardware is all quality stuff, and overall build quality is excellent. Edit - Don't pay too much attention to the RRPs quoted on the Vintage website, most dealers carry them at a fair bit less.
  5. I love the Uke, it's silly and simple and fun, but the shapes are different, and early on most people tend to think in terms of shapes. It's not insurmountable in terms of confusion, and I suspect in the long run there would be some kind of benefit, but I think it would be more beneficial for your early progress, to try and source a cheap/borrowed/ used guitar to play at home, and leave it there for when you visit in future if that's possible.
  6. Now £140 Ibanez Gio 7221QA, 7 String in a rather fetching transparent blackburst over quilted maple. It's subtle, but really comes alive under lights. I bought it for a couple of studio days, so it's had that and a couple of weekends working out the parts at home. Plays lovely and sounds great. Typical thin, satin Ibby neck. Holds its tuning nicely too. No paint chips or anything like that, but some light swirling in the laquer from pick/finger contact as is typical of mega shiny finishes. Strung with a brand new set of Slinkys (9-52), with an additional spare set of the same unopened. No case, so it would need to be pick up or meet up, I'm in Bushey, Herts. It's my first post here, I just popped in from Basschat as I thought it's an item more suited to here. Obviously I've no feedback here, but for members of both sites I'm easiliy checkable... if that's even a word. 🤣
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