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How do you cope with blistered fingers??

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Firstly: stop playing so hard for so long.

Secondly: the 'standard' treatment to harden up finger tips is to dip them for half a minute in methylated spirit. It won't work wonders, however, if you're punishing yourself with over-zealous practise.

Be assured that, as with most things, the fastest way is to go slowly. Practise, of course, but in sessions of, say, fifteen minutes, with a break, then another, then a break. Little by little (weekly..?) increase the session length by five minutes. This will give your fingers time to build up the toughened skin.

Hope this helps. rWNVV2D.gif

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I think your problem might stem from your technique, try this it might help, hold down a few easy chords, make sure you are placing your fingers as close to the fret wire as possible, also make sure your forming a good arch so that your fingertips are actually holding down the the strings. Now, remove your thumb and press down gently on the fretboard. This is just the right amount of pressure you need to play any chord. Practise on a few chords, Then place your thumb back on the neck, remember your thumb is really only a guide, keep your hand relaxed, this removed the soreness, along with fret buzz and muted strings for me. Good luck.  

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