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Well I should've been here first, if it had existed

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Been on BC for years having been lured over to the low-side after quarter of a century of 6 string fiddling. The last, well guess it's the best part of a decade, went from noodler on a Jazz bass I bought on a whim to profligate Dingwall Z3 lunacy.

Now I'm playing both low and higher registers in two bands and enjoying both, with probably too many instruments of either persuasion.

Current 6 string toys;

On the acoustic front a 1968 Gibson Dove, modern Martin OOO-15, Taylor 355 12 string, unknown heritage Gretsch Jumbo and Busker Tricone resonator, and a flamenco bought from the guy who made it in a shed in Seville

Electrics - Gibson 333, Custom hand made Telecaster, early 80s Tokai Springy Strat I ruined any chance of being worth anything by messing with it in my teens, Gretsch Baritone and a few other bits.

Too many pedals to mention.

Definitely more gear than talent, and hoping that Guitarchat will grow to be as awesome as Basschat


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I was on Harmony Central for many years, but broke the habit when they changed the software and I could no longer log in. Tried contacting the management there, but their system wouldn't let me do that either because I wasn't logged in.... gave up in the end. Scanned it a while back, and it still seemed to be the same, hard right macho bollocks anyhow, so I decided no loss and moved on here. This place being UK-based is a huge plus, especially as the UK guitar mags are generally just too pricey to buy every month now (and still far to full of stuff I either can't afford or get excited about only to see the inevitable "no left handers".....). 

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