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  1. nickmew

    Tele Tuesday

    Another Tele Tuesday - my home build assembly. Walnut body (weighs a ton) finished with gun-stock oil, flame maple neck with macassar ebony board, Lollar pickups and Callahan hardware. Plays and sounds way better than it has any right to given that I put it together
  2. I can see the utility argument, but once you're paying American Elite series money I think you want more than utility. They've just got a few in the store around the corner from my office, so I may pop in and have a play, then report back
  3. I bought a couple of bags of these #1 Best Guitar Picks, 101 Premium Picks (Plectrums) For Your Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar - Light, Medium, Heavy, and X Heavy - Gifted in a Unique Pick Bag - Includes FREE Wedgie Pick Holder - by Pick Geek https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01254SBD6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_IYxuCbD6Q0MVK Trouble is, I lost the bags...
  4. nickmew

    Tele Tuesday

    Of course if money were no object...
  5. Not quite as it currently stands.. The wireless on the right is gone, the Maxon Fuzz is now replaced by a Suhr Riot, and I've somehow squeezed in a Subdecay Octasynth and a Digitech CabDryVR. Oh and an ISP Decimator G string. I can route the input via the Fishman Aura or not depending on whether I plug in an acoustic in, but can use any of the fx either way, and have both an amp and DI output (and can loop an amp preamp into the o/d loop). Power brick underneath and a pedalsnake cable to and from whatever its plugged into. You should see my old board. Now that was even wider.
  6. Probably this Had the nicest neck I'd ever played on an electric, but when it came down to it I just didn't quite get on with the single coil dynasonic pickups. Sold it as I thought you'd need to do some routing to fit filtertrons. Only found out after TV Jones made filters to fit a dyno hole. Doh! Of course then theres the one that got away. A 1964 Gretsch Viking Wunjo Guitars had for an age. I played it last summer - it had knackered binding, the original (stupid) bridge had been replaced, someone had dicked around with the electrics .... but boy it had mojo and just that sound. Nearly pulled the trigger at two grand. Just before Christmas they reduced it to £1500. As I was (and still am) overseas I dithered for a few days and predictably it went. Double Doh!
  7. nickmew

    Tele Tuesday

    Well just missed Tuesday, but what the hell. Acquired this through a convoluted method while overseas - haven't actually seen it in real life yet, hope to be picking it up on Friday A 2011 USA 'Telebration' Cabronita with TV Jones pickups and no tone control. Should be fun
  8. Watched a couple of videos on these and was quite excited at first - the idea of something that you can plug and sounds properly like an acoustic with a bit of body and can also be a real electric could be a massive boon in stage, and if loud enough to noodle on a sofa even better. Then they went into 'and here is the electric sound with some built in drive'. Sorry, but no-one (or at least not me) wants a fixed o/d sound coming straight out of their guitar, even if it is a good one. If it had two mag pickups and a standard electric setup as well as the acoustic sounds I'd be more convinced, but this feels like they went - "hey we can do some more modelling here, so let's do some" without thinking if they should. A good idea, but no cigar. Maybe next year's will be better thought out.
  9. The question is, which ones as all the ones I find are either brand specific, US based or shite
  10. Been on BC for years having been lured over to the low-side after quarter of a century of 6 string fiddling. The last, well guess it's the best part of a decade, went from noodler on a Jazz bass I bought on a whim to profligate Dingwall Z3 lunacy. Now I'm playing both low and higher registers in two bands and enjoying both, with probably too many instruments of either persuasion. Current 6 string toys; On the acoustic front a 1968 Gibson Dove, modern Martin OOO-15, Taylor 355 12 string, unknown heritage Gretsch Jumbo and Busker Tricone resonator, and a flamenco bought from the guy who made it in a shed in Seville Electrics - Gibson 333, Custom hand made Telecaster, early 80s Tokai Springy Strat I ruined any chance of being worth anything by messing with it in my teens, Gretsch Baritone and a few other bits. Too many pedals to mention. Definitely more gear than talent, and hoping that Guitarchat will grow to be as awesome as Basschat
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