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Roland GR55 Synth

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I bought one of these used a few years ago on a whim and after an initial play around with it, never really had occasion to use it.

We’ve recently had a bit of change round in the band (long story, I was going to leave but now I’m not) and I’ve handed bass duties to someone else. I’ve now taken on rhythm/second guitar and I figure this is the perfect opportunity to start using the GR55 to add the extra textures that we’d get from a keyboardist without the hassle of actually having to have one.

So far I’ve only used it for practice at home but it seems to work really well. I don’t want to use it on everything but for quite a few songs it will help add some pad textures or let me do little horn stabs and sax fills. Rehearsal next week so I’ll find out then how practical it is and how well it sits in the mix.

I’m wondering if anyone else uses a guitar synth live and whether there are any hints and tips to be shared

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I used it at rehearsal last week and I’m blown away (as were the rest of the band).

I wouldn’t use it for every song but it opens up all sorts of possibilities for arrangements.

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