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  1. Gah - keep missing this. Must remember to post my Tele!
  2. Hah. Guilty pleasures. Do we even have different stage names as guitarists? Do we suddenly forget how to hear the other band members and convince ourselves the Amp is not loud enough?
  3. I currently just have a cheapo Yellow Fall delay (mooer?) - but love the reviews of the Nemesis and Ventris (love SA products; I used to have the Orbital Modulator and Dimension Reverb, but I needed to free up funds and was never getting full use of them.)
  4. I loved all 3, all different, all interesting.
  5. No - do you have a link? I hope, sincerely hope, that threads on it and future BF guitar cabs don't degenerate into the same passive-aggressive posturing we see on Basschat. It's frankly embarrassing.
  6. It's 'interesting' - seems it should satisfy the Venn grouping of people who say 'Fender are dull and never release anything actually NEW,' and those who say 'Urgh, the Dimension Bass? What were Fender thinking? Go back to what you know.'
  7. I listened to one Pat Metheny album; I can't remember which one: but I would like to hear more - what would you recommend (Obvs there might be a best of on Spotify.)
  8. Above: Billy is a brilliant player, daft as a box of frogs obviously, just like the other two, but very good. There are some amazing bits of gnarly, twisty playing (not forgetting the trademark pinch harmonics) across the ZZ catalogue. The player that made me ask for a guitar for my 18th was Dave Gilmour. Other geetarists of whom I am in favour: John Petrucci, Alex Lifeson, Paul Gilbert.
  9. Same place all the teaspoons at work go?
  10. Love the creativity and skill. Do not read the comments. It's the usual saddos (who would say Jaco only needed 4 strings, in a Bass thread.)
  11. Hi - fellow Basschatter here too!
  12. Crikey can she play. *mutter. grumble, unfair..*
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