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  1. Not sure if these are cheap enough but Burns 12's are great guitars and you get some good 2nd hand bargains. I used one as the only guitar in a band for a couple of years...I love them.
  2. Pinball

    Paul Reed Smith

    If your not into the Bigsby the Mira is similar, very nice guitars
  3. Pinball

    Paul Reed Smith

    Here's my weopon of choice, a Starla. I love bigsby's so I needed to look no furthur.
  4. Thats interesting. I didn't realize that Mansons were that for South PMT is my favourite shop in Bristol, A great range, keen prices and friendly and helpful service. Note: If you are reading this PMT I expect a discount next time I'm in
  5. Yes, I bought this a while back when it turned up locally. I went and had a look and it oozed quality so I bought it. I don't really have a use for it so it's time to get some money back and see if somone else can use it.
  6. Pinball


    Taylor 414 Acoustic Guitar Bargain!
  7. I don't know too much about this other than that it is a cracking guitar. It is nice and light and feels and sounds great. As you will see by the number on one of the photo's it is one of Gordon’s original models, handmade in the UK. A real player’s piece! Someone in the past swapped one of the pups but I have it and will include it in the sale. It has been well used (see edge damage in the last pic but that just adds to its coolness IMHO. Any trial welcome. Thanks for looking
  8. Trades? USA G&L 5 Stringers L2500 M2500 L1505 L5000 or a Stingray 5 Here we have a classy looking boatful 2000? USA Guild Bluesbird with a figured maple top. The Serial no is:CL000279 These were some of the best Guilds made and this one comes with its original case. I am the 2nd owner since new. It has been used and has some knocks on the edge but other than that it is very good for it's age. A great guitar too use or for a collector....I hope someone buys it to use as it is too nice to stay in its case You are welcome to come and give it a try. It has a great action and feel. I'm sure that someone will love this.
  9. Nothing, absolutley nothing, no way do I need anything else, no man don't tempt me. I'm back off to Bass chat
  10. MtyTaylor 414 is pretty lush. I need to sell it though
  11. I play mainly cleanish electric or acoustics with pedals and have a similar approach to the way I my bass pedals. I go for quality and just a few. I use trem and delay and sometimes a bit of dirt the most on guitars
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