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  1. MoonBassAlpha

    Proper lush

    Yes, some well presented design choices. Some of those domestic woods are delightful.
  2. One overlooked feature of the SG is they are a very comfortable shape to wear, and my 74 special is unusually light at 6.5 lbs that's <3kg for you youngsters!
  3. This got me thinking about the possibilities for bracing an acoustic top if you 3d printed it. You could do things that wouldn't be possible with wood. Maybe you could make it lighter and get nicer tones and volume with light gauge strings?
  4. Thanks for the good wishes folks. It went ok ish, made me realise I'm out of touch with my playing and gear. We jammed very quietly compared with rehearsal with my other band, and I just couldn't get a lead sound I was happy with. Will meet up again once my immediate commitments with a forthcoming gig and a bit of recording are done. They were nice people, which is important too.
  5. Yes, I'd say it's a more biting tone. I really liked Zappa's tone when he was using an (albeit highly modified) SG, and Terry Kath on early Chicago records, though he did use others too. Mine is a bit on the bright side as I has the very light body and mini humbuckers from '74. Good for choppy punky sounds though that don't need a lot of sustain. It does feed back in a nice controllable way though, so you can get the sustain that way.
  6. It has been a long time since I played guitar in a band, circa 2001? I'm having a meet up with some guys who want to play funky grooves, apparently, and are in to Vulfpeck. No material to learn, as it is a start-up. Wish me luck, hope they are decent players, and I'll be able to keep up! Sessionette and Eggle (with coil taps) for clean sounds. Maybe compressor and wah? Whaddya reckon?
  7. I've had an acoustic where I've had to slightly scallop the front of the bridge for the strings to clear it. It was actually very little work and enabled a lovely low action with no unwanted buzzes from that area. I used a small rat-tail needle file.
  8. Yeah, I added coil taps to my Eggle Berlin Pro. If you have 4-conductor wired pickups, I can't see a reason why not to do it. I prefer push-push pot switching to pull- push.
  9. When I was gigging on guitar about 20 years ago, I liked Dean Markley strings a lot and never broke them. Don't see them much these days. It's mainly d'Addario as they're everywhere nowadays. They are fine too.
  10. Ha! Just spotted the Charvel 12 being wielded by some dude with Echo and the Bunnymen on Later... tonight. Cool! (The guitar, I mean)
  11. Thanks again for all the interesting suggestions. My guitarist did indeed go for the Dano. Sounds pretty good but didn't seem to hold tuning very well, especially compared to my GS but it mayneed a new set of strings. I like the look of the bridge, with intonation for each string. Haven't got my mitts on it for a setup yet (I do his setups as he doesn't have a clue !)
  12. Just seen this Charvel Surfcaster 12 with ~Rick~ish headstock, well tasty, I never knew they did a 12 in this model: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-FALL-1993-Charvel-Surfcaster-12-String-Electric-Guitar-Original-Hard-Case/123371754929?hash=item1cb98795b1:g:ekQAAOSw87RaqS5p
  13. That HB looks the part. If it were me I would probably get the Revelation, but it's looking like one of his friends just happens to have a Dano for sale, so that's probably that. Thanks for the contributions though, some interesting things. I wonder, do Rickenbacker have the compact headstock patented, or something, as I haven't seen any knockoff copies with that design?
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