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  1. wow Burton-on-Trent. i went to college there in the late 70's and there wasn't much of a live music scene there to my recollection. What was the live scene like pre Covid?
  2. A great project. i went on a similar quest a few years back, though i replaced the innards of my USA Strat for Alembic pickups and alembic bass and treble control. I found the guts on ebay fitted in a Jackson/Charvel guitar. The pickups were fine but i had to send the filter electronics back to alembic for repair and upgrade to 3 Position Q switch. I put those in my alembic guitar and moved the bass/treble into the strat. Fantastic sounding guitar for sparklingly clean sounds.
  3. My USA strat which i had the Wailers "Burnin'" album laser etched on the body then refinished by John Diggins of Jaydee Custom Guitars in Birmingham. I replaced the innards with alembic low impedance activator pickups and electronics. Since this photo was taken it has some new wooden knobs and a switch to put the outer two pickups on in 'telecaster' mode.
  4. Looks interesting. I might pop into Guitar Guitar and have a look although my first choice would be a two independent channel amp if possible. I'm open to options. Thanks for your input.
  5. I started out playing guitar and now have more basses than guitars but then I do more bass gigs than guitar gigs, probably done about 1/2 dozen guitar gigs in the last 4 years.
  6. Coronavirus aside, i have been doing a lot less gigs on guitar in the last 10yrs or so and more on bass and have thought about selling off some of my guitar gear. The small stuff is no problem but I have a dilemma. I have a mid 90's Fender Twin Amp 100W (The Evil Twin) and a Vintage Roland JC120 and I can't decide which if any to let go. Although older the JC120 was a more recent purchase maybe 8yrs ago when I bought a guitar with separate pickup outs. But I've used it mostly for gigs because it's lighter to carry. They both are incredible sounding amps. The only thing I am not enthused about the JC120 is ironically the chorus, which always sounds slightly out of tune. There is nothing I dislike about the Fender Twin except the weight. Both are in my view incredible sounding and. performing amps. Any suggestions based on your experience with both amps. I don't have to sell them for financial reasons it's more that they are not being used much and it may be better to let one of them go to someone who gigs more on guitar than I do. But I know that whichever I let go of will be regretted. If I was to sell both I would want to replace them with a more compact setup that allows me to use a stereo pre amp and power amp and hopefully a lightweight 2x12 stereo cab so suggestions for those would be welcome. For the preamp I'd prefer one that has a lot of clean headroom so I can play loud and clean and add the dirt with pedals.
  7. I took it on holiday with me in November and have friends there and asked them to give it away to a young local musician who is learning to play but does not have an electric guitar.
  8. I actually don't really think that much about where I play as after all these years my hand just goes to were it the sound needs to come from. When playing fast funk style rhythms or chopping reggae I tend to play over the last few frets at the end of the neck so that I can't dig in too hard and get a more even sound.
  9. Hey Kiwi, i'm an alembic lover and would love to see a pic of that graphite series bass if possible. If it's out of place here then maybe drop a pic in the alembic group on basschat?
  10. When I was primarily a guitarist, i had a bass around for the odd time I did a gig or recording demos. These days I do both so have a few of each and double the fun.
  11. I'm bamboozled by it al...… I'll get my coat. 🙄
  12. jazzyvee


    Rob Williams makes some incredible guitars. I used to have one of his CSM strats. Really nice guy too.
  13. About 3 years ago I picked up a Mania brand neck through telecaster copy with Seymour Duncan pickups in at PMT Music car boot sale. I had never heard of the brand but it was cheap and I use it for practice at home. I haven't though been able to find anything about this guitar brand on line and wondered if anyone knows who makes them and where I can find information about this one. It doesn't sound like it's a high end instrument and the hardware doesn't look expensive so I imagine it is a budget brand. Thanks in advance
  14. I have honestly never thought about speaker size when buying guitar cabs and have just gone with how the cab sounds and performs. I know that amongst bass players there seems to be a strong preference on speaker size with some staunch advocates for 10, 12 or 15" speakers. I'm thinking of getting rid of my heavy guitar combos and going for a separate head and speaker but something smaller but still with a great powerful sound. Is there any real life on stage benefit tone wise between 10 and 12" speakers these days. Not so much between manufacturers but just in terms of the speaker size as I'm hoping that there is a lightweight solution.
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