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  1. Cabinet connects using the 4-pin speakon connector on the right rather than the jacks (jacks have been removed and the holes blanked off). If your cab has jack inputs, you'll need a speakon to jack cable. Andy 😎
  2. Wifes one in one out rule is being enforced so I'm putting this one (and my Les Paul) up for sale due to an incoming project guitar. Neck is from a Revelation TTX-DLX. Maple Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Binding and Block Inlays. Fitted with vintage style tuners. Body is 4-piece Alder with forearm contour and belly cut. Has been stripped and resprayed in a natural finish. Modern bridge with Artec Alnico V pickup. Pearloid Scratchplate (protective plastic still fitted) Pickup is currently wired to the volume and tone controls with the switch bypassed. Guitar is in good condition - there is a small chip on the headstock and the clear respray is OK but not perfect. Plays well with a low action. Stand not included. Collection from Edinburgh preferred but delivery with neck off or on could be arranged.
  3. Open to offers on the Les Paul. Andy
  4. For my regular gig I use a Pod X3 and an FBV Express straight into the PA with a small personal monitor - works well for what I do and the ease of switching between sounds is a big advantage. At home I use a Marshall valve combo - I prefer the valve sound but prefer portability for gigging. Andy
  5. I've had quite a few. My current one is a Marshall DSL401 which suits fine for practice at home and the odd gig (for my main gig I use a Pod X3 into the PA) Before that I had one and a half Marshall stacks - DSL50 head with 2 modern 4x12s, JCM800 100W superbass with a 1970s 4x12 plus 2 SE100 speaker emulators/power breaks to bring the volume down to listenable! I had it set up with the JCM800 for clean-ish tones and the DSL50 for classic distortion. Sold them when I got married and didn't have space for them 😪 Andy
  6. I may consider parting this out if anyone is interested in parts for their own project or build. Andy
  7. Always fancied an SG 2000 after seeing Big Country using them but they were out of my price range then and the 2000 is still out of my price range now ☹️ I suspect that most people who have the 80s SGs are hanging onto them but they are less visible on TV/stage (both the older players and the guitars). There is a current SG model but I've not seen one anywhere. I spotted an SG200 last week in my local pawn shop at £229 and did consider it (except that I already own a Les Paul). Andy
  8. Hi Folks, Having come to the conclusion that the Telecaster is the electric for me I'm disposing of my other electrics. This strat is partly a 1987 Squier Japan and partly replacement parts. The neck, front two pickups, machine heads, most of the screws and the strap buttons are from the Squier strat - neck is the same as the Fender Japan 62 reissue and is stamped ST-362 on the heel. The back of the neck has been stripped for a smoother feel. The body is a 3-piece Alder with a natural finish, bridge pickup is from a Fender USA Highway one, bridge is a Hipshot USA flat tremelo. Scratchplate, backplate and controls are Fender replacement parts. Comes with a Fender strap and a Fender branded basic gigbag. Collection from Edinburgh prefered but postage could be arranged. Thanks Andy
  9. Hi Folks, Having come to the conclusion that the Telecaster is the electric for me I'm disposing of my other electrics. First up is my Les Paul. 2002 Model Les Paul Studio in wine red. One owner from new. This was my stage guitar for a few years in the mid 200s so has a fair bit of scratching on the back from my belt buckle but only a few minor marks on the front and sides. Pre-PCB wiring and comes with a Gibson branded TKL case. Scratchplate and switch surround are in the case Asking £550, collection from Edinburgh prefered although shipping could be arranged. Andy
  10. My two acoustics, both hand made by Moon Guitars in Glasgow. An early Model 002 and a 12-string 003 that was made for Donnie Munro of Runrig. Andy
  11. backwater


    I have a couple currently, a 2004 Fender Japan 62 Reissue and a heavily modified Fenix copy (photo is from about 10 years ago - I've replaced the bridge since then). In the past I owned a JD signature model and Francis Rossi Signature model (wish I hadn't sold that!). I do have plans to build a Rick Parfitt replica as well. Andy
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