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Fender AcoustaSonic?

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A lot of people moan about how big boys like Fender and Gibson never put out anything "new". At least least these new AcoustaSonic things are different!


I can't decide if I like these, it looks like they scooped out a Tele and put an acoustic top on there. It's a bit messy but a bit cool all at once. Sort of.


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Watched a couple of videos on these and was quite excited at first - the idea of something that you can plug and sounds properly like an acoustic with a bit of body and can also be a real electric could be a massive boon in stage, and if loud enough to noodle on a sofa even better.

Then they went into 'and here is the electric sound with some built in drive'.

Sorry, but no-one (or at least not me) wants a fixed o/d sound coming straight out of their guitar, even if it is a good one. If it had two mag pickups and a standard electric setup as well as the acoustic sounds I'd be more convinced, but this feels like they went - "hey we can do some more modelling here, so let's do some" without thinking if they should. A good idea, but no cigar.

Maybe next year's will be better thought out.

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That does seem an odd inclusion with this. I could see it more if it was styled a bit more.... rawk, but for something very acoustic-styled, it would surely have been more logical to go for something like a built in reverb or tremolo, maybe echo/delay. Drive does seem an odd part of the package, especially as its the one thing that pretty much all players have already. 

That said, I can see where they might be coming from  with this if the aim is to create a guitar for a covers band that need to be able to go through the house PA. 

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I don't know, I think that variety with high-end quality and reliability probably appeals to a lot of guys who do the pub residency / wedding act thing (especially in the duo format that government regulation rendered the norm some years ago - though the last I heard that had changed again?) .

Tell you what, though - a resonator version  would be cool af. Doubt I'll get the chance to play one, though - this is exactly the sort of thing they never make clouty-handed. 

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