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My tele

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Just about finished my telecaster build from parts. Waiting on a jack plate one i bought was wrong size. I will no doubt fiddle with intonation feels sounds ok atm, neck relief is set at the heel so will play around and then make adjustments when i change strings. Bridge sitting high but action is low.


Pickups are Custom shop Texas Special 


Switch gear and bots, pick guard from Axesrus


Body and neck i bought from ebay


Fender tuners, fender neck plate.

Wd Bridge (pretty sure its WD)

I chucked some Slinkys on it.


Messing around with a bit of rhythm "sympathy for the devil" and i like it, twang and then some.


Will see how it bends and stuff later.






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How do I like the green, nice build mine is a first run for me BEXGEARS kit. For the NOOBS, FNGs, Cherry`s I will recommend a kit, don`t matter BexGears, Leo Jaymz, Harley Benton, Tele or Strat find ya a reputable company offering the package at what you consider a reasonable price tag, go ape make it yours. you guy`s that have been building a while hey drive on love those to.  


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