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Richie Rich

Tele to Esquire conversion

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I've got a cheap and cheerful East Coast GT100 `Tele' style which is great to play but, I was thinking of turning it into an Esquire.  I plan to remove the neck pickup, add a new single coil sized humbucker in the bridge, put on an Esquire style pickguard and wire it like an Esquire.


Before I start and ruin a perfectly playable guitar, I've got a couple of questions;


  • Are there any pitfalls that I should be aware of?
  • What single coil sized humbucking pickups can anyone recommend?
  • Who knows of anyone that can supply an inexpensive custom pickguard?


Over to you guys.


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I've never personally used these pickups but one of my mates fitted the SD little 59's on a strat in the bridge position and they sounded good here's the version for a tele.... 




Looking at the shape of your pickguard would a normal shaped/sized tele one fit after you cut it down a bit to suit? I don't know if thats an option? And it will be a lot cheaper that way aswell...... 👍🏻 

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