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  1. @ezbass That was the exact pedal I've was looking into
  2. In my church I play an electro-acoustic straight into a DI box, I was thinking of using an electric and as we haven't got a combo there, can anyone recommend a low-budget amp modeller pedal that I could use to go into to then go into the DI box?
  3. I saw Rory Gallagher live at the London Dominion Theatre in November 1988, great gig. Interestingly, Michael Schenker was also invited to audition for the Rolling Stones, back in 1973.
  4. It’s only a short video unplugged, a few of the band don’t like to be filmed so there’s not much chance of it appearing plugged in on YouTube just yet.
  5. IMG_7061.MOV @ezbass It landed Friday at 11am, I took it to rehearsal that night and I played it in church on Sunday. It's lovely and slim, light on the strap and it plays really well, I'm very, very impressed with it and I'm going to make it my main guitar in church from now on. I attached a brief video but it doesn't want to play for some reason.
  6. @ezbass Life is too short and so the itch must be scratched. Regarding your comment "Things were very different back when I was a mere slip of a lad", I had the same conversation today with my brother, when we started out a `budget' guitar cost a month's wages and guitar pedals cost more than a terraced house in Sheffield, now kids can work in McDonalds for a week and at the weekend they can pick up a decent guitar. It's a different market and I'm happy as now I can go and buy without breaking the bank.
  7. Thanks for your views, I've ordered a thinline electro-acoustic from Gear4music, my budget is not what it used to be and for what I want it for, it's perfect. There's a lot to be said for budget guitars.
  8. I'm thinking about getting a thinline acoustic, are there any thinline acoustic owners out there? What do you like / dislike about them? What models do you recommend?
  9. I play for a church and I switch between bass (my main instrument) and acoustic guitar (my backup), I own 3 basses (2 electric and 1 electro-acoustic) and 4 guitars (2 electric, 1 acoustic and 1 electro-acoustic) and a cajon. I always thought of myself as a bassist but now that I own more guitars than basses and I play more acoustic guitar in church than I play bass, I now simply think of myself as a musician. There are kids in our church Worship Team that play multiple instruments and put most adults to shame, one plays drums, bass, keyboards and flute. If you fancy playing something, have a go, give it a try and embrace music as a whole.
  10. It was hard to pick just three because there are so many guitarists that have influenced me and all for different reasons but, I went for the three that I enjoy listening to the most; Michael Schenker Billy Gibbons Rory Gallagher
  11. Same here, I've got standard buttons and rubber strap locks on all my guitars and basses now. Don't get me wrong, Schaller locks are bl**dy good at what they do, it's just down to my personal preference.
  12. UPDATE - ALL SETS NOW SOLD I've fallen out of love with Schaller Strap Locks so I'm having a clear out. I have the following up for grabs; 1 set of old style Schaller strap locks in black - SOLD 2 sets of no-name `Schaller' style strap locks in black - SOLD I'm open to offers if someone wants to take the lot in one go. DM me if interested. Prices include delivery.
  13. I always wanted a Strat with a single humbucker, after purchasing a Squier Bullet Strat HSS and some modding, I’m pleased with the outcome
  14. @ezbass You are right, I took some time away from the table and I realised that the wiring of a Squier humbucker is actually the same as a single coil, I soldered the two white leads and now it’s alive
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