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  1. Can you recommend anyone that can make custom amp badges? I contacted a couple of companies that I found online but they either never got back to me, forgot about me or decided that they were too busy to make them.
  2. Never found out what it was but we just moved the combo and it sorted it out.
  3. I play in a church Worship Team and I run an electro-acoustic through a Peavey Bandit 65, on stage today I noticed that I could hear both my combo and a slightly delayed version through my monitor also, they were clashing with each other and when I listened back to the livestream it was annoyingly noticeable. It’s never happened before so I might go back to running straight into the DI again obviously I want what’s best for everyone. Has anybody else had this problem before and how did you get over it?
  4. @RamblinAnd Did you go for the BOSS SD-1? I was looking at this pedal and I was wondering how you found it.
  5. I picked up a second hand 1986 Peavey Bandit 65 today for only £40, it needs a damn good clean but I can’t wait to explore its sounds. Do any other Guitarchat members have one of these or had one in the past? Any tips or tricks to make it sing and chug etc? I’m going to use the clean channel for my electro-acoustic.
  6. The Behringer TM300 is for for front of amp use, I was looking at Behringer GDI21 as this is a preamp modeller DI. Has anybody used one of these? How did you find it?
  7. @ezbass That was the exact pedal I've was looking into
  8. In my church I play an electro-acoustic straight into a DI box, I was thinking of using an electric and as we haven't got a combo there, can anyone recommend a low-budget amp modeller pedal that I could use to go into to then go into the DI box?
  9. I saw Rory Gallagher live at the London Dominion Theatre in November 1988, great gig. Interestingly, Michael Schenker was also invited to audition for the Rolling Stones, back in 1973.
  10. It’s only a short video unplugged, a few of the band don’t like to be filmed so there’s not much chance of it appearing plugged in on YouTube just yet.
  11. IMG_7061.MOV @ezbass It landed Friday at 11am, I took it to rehearsal that night and I played it in church on Sunday. It's lovely and slim, light on the strap and it plays really well, I'm very, very impressed with it and I'm going to make it my main guitar in church from now on. I attached a brief video but it doesn't want to play for some reason.
  12. @ezbass Life is too short and so the itch must be scratched. Regarding your comment "Things were very different back when I was a mere slip of a lad", I had the same conversation today with my brother, when we started out a `budget' guitar cost a month's wages and guitar pedals cost more than a terraced house in Sheffield, now kids can work in McDonalds for a week and at the weekend they can pick up a decent guitar. It's a different market and I'm happy as now I can go and buy without breaking the bank.
  13. Thanks for your views, I've ordered a thinline electro-acoustic from Gear4music, my budget is not what it used to be and for what I want it for, it's perfect. There's a lot to be said for budget guitars.
  14. I'm thinking about getting a thinline acoustic, are there any thinline acoustic owners out there? What do you like / dislike about them? What models do you recommend?
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