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Saying hey!

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Hey all,

How's everyone? Just saying hello and to quickly introduce myself! 

I'm from Bucks. 38, married and have a 4 yr old son. Been playing various instruments my entire life really but never seem to settle on one! I played the violin for round about 4 years, played bass for about 10, played the drums for 2, o can sorta play piano with one hand and my most recent foray is into the 6-string...I'm been learning about 3 months now.

As for my setup, I currently am using a Squire Fender Stratocaster 70s classic HSS in Walnut going through a Black Star ID Core 10. I also have a PRS SE Standard 22 in Translucent Blue, but I'm actually selling that as I just prefer playing the strat!

I'm a real fiddler and crafty person (I paint war models, I do paper craft and also own 3 3D printers) so I recently purchased all the bits (I think I need!) to build my own kit guitar...thread to be created when I'm ready to start!

Cheers Adam

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