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Lefty Makers for lefty players!

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Idly google while procrastinating a hefty marking task this afternoon, I chanced across Munson Guitars based in Norfolk. https://www.munsonguitars.com/ Mostly a little too 'modern' for my tastes, but they look really nice. £1300 or so and upwards, list of custom options. What caught my eye and I thought some folks might want to know round here is that not only do they ensure all their models are available left-handed (the owner is  a left handed player), but there's a really cool bit on the website where it encourages left handed players to play left handed - and offers a 5% discount on all left handed guitars across their range. If I had the money available to spend on a guitar, I'd be very tempted to jump on one for that reason alone. Impressive! 

I was originally going to leave the thread at that, but thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to markers who produce nice, left-handed guitars, as there seem to be a few of we southpaws around these parts... 

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