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  1. May withdraw soon or atleast make this trade only. For now, it's still available.
  2. Took this out of the case and set it up today, fresh strings et al. Action is better, the pointy fret ends have been sanded back and it plays like butter. also gave it a good lean and oiled the fret board. Now looking for £80 collected for this little beaut. If not sold soonish I may keep it as a mod project.
  3. Have been asked about shipping and I could do as I have a box and everything. Buyer would have to arrange and pay for courier of their choice.
  4. Come on guys. Would make a superb first gigging amp for anyone dabbling in bands.
  5. Hi guitarchat. Up for sale is my Aiersi Les Paul copy in Blue. It comes with coil splittable humbuckers, a pretty nice blue stained top and a fitted faux leather hard case. It has also had a blue 'Gibson Les Paul' headstock logo transfer added to it by the previous owner which doesnt bother me but might annoy others. I can get photos of that if necessary and I imagine it to be easy enough to remove with some water and a sponge. Set up is ok, could do with the action a touch higher for my tastes but its not bad and I'm sure minimal effort would be needed to get it playing real nice. Already have to say its on par with what Epiphone are charging £300 odd quid for. Pictures: http://imgur.com/gallery/SED6mBJ Selling as I have no space for it in my student digs (having to put 1 guitar and 1 bass under my bed ) £100 collected from B36 Birmingham wins it. Will consider trades for a mini valve amp (Blackstar/Bugera/etc.)
  6. Peavey Bandit Silver Stripe up for sale. Everyone knows about these amps so will get straight to the point. It is the model before the current one with the Sheffield Speaker (which I am of the opinion is the best version of the Bandit). Sounds great and is very versatile. There are plenty of videos about these. Selling is as it literally fits nowhere in my student digs and I need beer money. Pics will be available later in the week when I pop home. £100 or trade for a little valve combo (Blackstar HT1 or 5, etc. Show me what you got). Collection only from B36 or B1 areas of Birmingham. Cheers.
  7. Love me some Steve Cradock from the old OCS days. Maybe that's bias because I have met him on numerous occasions. Also big fan of Clapton.
  8. I've never owned a valve amp but am seriously considering shifting my big Peavey Bandit (I never get to turn the volume past 2) and maybe the blackstar Fly 3 (my current practice amp) and getting a Marshall DSL1 or Blackstar HT1 for all my home use needs. At the minute though I don't know whether it will really be enough of an upgrade over the Fly 3 to justify the spend.
  9. One of the lads I knew at school had one that as far as I can remember he borrowed from his dad. I always thought it looked pretty nice whenever the school put on one of their show nights for all the school bands and musicians. Shame the lad in question was an awful guitarist.
  10. Andy has just dropped the guitar round and yes it is fantastic. The neighbours are gonna love me the next few days.
  11. Been lusting after a semi acoustic guitar for as long as I can remember. Don't have the money for a gibson 335 (although I wish I did) so want something a bit more affordable. I've seen epiphones, tanglewoods, Ibanez, Gretsch all do affordable(r) variations of the same general idea, but with the market so wide for these things, was looking for some opinions. Budget would probably be £300 but the cheaper the better.
  12. Late to the party but I have to agree with this. Hands down the best guitar shop in Brum. Always feel encouraged to play everything I want but never hassled into buying anything. I went in this week to get a battery amp to live at Ms HB14s house and Jamie (top bloke) got me to play all the new G&Ls they had in stock. Didn't feel pressured or anything. Much prefer it to a different guitar shop in Brum (that will remain nameless but the hint is it's changed premises in the last few years and just shut down their old shop near Snobs Nightclub) that told me I wasn't allowed to touch the Martin acoustics because, and I quote, they were "too expensive for [me] to play them let alone own one". Disgusting.
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