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  1. ** SOLD ** For Sale: Ibanez 12 String Acoustic Guitar PF1512 Price: £79 previously <£88>  - for collection only in Stevenage - no case - see the photos and the YT video link below it sounds awesome as i use it at home. ibanez used quality parts on this one -- from the tuners, to the bridge, to the nice neck binding. the strings go through the top body, with the bridge pins/pegs to secure them in place. this means that the bridge will be less likely to lift away from the body -- unlike those where the strings are strung through the bridge -- making the bridge stable. it has 2 strap pins, ready for your strap. it has a truss rod that i did not need to adjust, as the action was just right for me. my online search told me that it has a spruce top with mohogany back and sides -- pretty stunning, if you'd ask me. i am only selling this because of GAS. feel free to send me a message anytime. see the photos and the YT link below for reference. YT video link here: click here for the YT video link
  2. this is my recommended YT video for this pedal: click below for the link to the joyo website: D-Seed
  3. For Sale: Joyo D-Seed Delay Pedal Price: £30 - includes postage to a UK address - original box and manual included (but will be bubble wrapped upon posting) - with velcro at the bottom - no power adapter - see the link to the joyo and YT video below i bought this as i was looking for an affordable delay pedal with tap tempo function. i just do not fancy bending down to adjust the delay time every time (pun intended) you switch between songs. i was not disappointed. i use this on my bass, guitar, and keys. i find the controls to be straight forward and easy to use. even my young child is able to use it with the keyboards. i did not find any issue in this item during my entire possession. i am only selling this because of GAS. feel free to send me a message anytime. see the photos and the links below for reference.
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