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3 chords & a version of the truth..

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Hello! I've been bitten by the guitar bug at the age of 46 having been able to play very basic stuff for years. Currently working my way through Justinguitar.com beginners course & will start actual lessons in 2 weeks.. I've been having fun with the app Tonebridge which gives you loads of guitar tone/song settings as 'pedals' also using an iRig but suffering with some latency issues as I'm using an android phone.

My guitars: an acoustic '[email protected] model by Vintage which can be both strung as baritone & standard I have it as standard & a Prs custom 24 that I managed to get for a steal!












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Hi Gav,  and welcome,  i play bass, but have also been making efforts to get back to a six stringer, have sold my Les Paul and Burns, and am having a custom build 52mm nut solid body  electric built, a neck wide enough to get my  useless fingers into,  i still have a lesson once a month, and will get some tuition for the new build when its done.  So, your'e ahead of me already.

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