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Help with small hands and short arms ;-)

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So my 8 year old has been messing about with my basses and as you’d expect can’t cope with the scale length. 

I picked up a rather nice Epiphone Les Paul Gothic guitar for very little money second hand for him but he really struggles with the weight (I didn’t think this through !)

So my question is, what can you get that doesn’t have a trem, is Gibson scale or shorter and doesn’t weigh as much as the moon  ? Oh and it must be cheap ?!

Was thinking about Squire Tele, but the scale length would be too long I’d have thought.


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Depending on how fragile his nascent masculinity is, I seem to recollect that Daisy Rock (branded as 'girl guitars', but actually very decent instruments in their own right) were designed to have narrower board and slimmer necks, and overall be lighter, with the ladies in mind. There are certainly models I'd like in their range, like the Retro H - 4_590x.jpg?v=1545118706, or the budget-Ric vibes of the Bangles sig model: 7_590x.jpg?v=1545118761

I seem to remember first seeing a Squier Vista Series Supersonic in my local guitar store in 1997, desperately wanting one, and going so far as to trying to see if it would work 'Hendrixed' (this was the dark era in which Fender was as crap as everyone else at offering lefties)..... my recollection is that I found the 24" scale neck very cramped by comparison to my US Std Strat (a 94 model). Might be good or small hands. 

If all you want is to get him started on the 'music is fun' thing, there's always the strumstick - https://strumstick.com ; Ukelele is a cheaper option. 

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