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  1. The one he has currently weighs more than my precision bass so I suspect not.
  2. That’s brilliant info, thank you !
  3. So my 8 year old has been messing about with my basses and as you’d expect can’t cope with the scale length. I picked up a rather nice Epiphone Les Paul Gothic guitar for very little money second hand for him but he really struggles with the weight (I didn’t think this through !) So my question is, what can you get that doesn’t have a trem, is Gibson scale or shorter and doesn’t weigh as much as the moon ? Oh and it must be cheap ?! Was thinking about Squire Tele, but the scale length would be too long I’d have thought.
  4. I’d consider myself passable on bass, and somewhere around useless on guitar unless it’s something by Slayer or Anthrax. I really should get around to learning chords, it would probably help with the day job 😉
  5. Gosh, I spent a lot of time in that group around ten years ago. It was a really nice place to be. Does USENET even exist any more ?
  6. I just thought I’d pop over the divide and say hello ! I went through a couple of phases of playing guitar, mainly in thrash bands, but I never managed to graduate to sensible playing 😉 These days it’s all just for fun, in the house stuff, but I still get a lot of pleasure from chugging along to 80s thrash and 70s metal on guitar. All below the 12th fret of course I’ll lurk here on the off chance something pointy with a pointy headstock comes up for sale 😉 Tara Seán
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