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  1. Here we have a Mexican Blackmore signature Stratocaster. This is basically a 70s Olympic White strat, with a scalloped fretboard and two high output Seymour Duncan quarter pounder pickups. Condition is perfect, has basically never really been played in anger. I’d wanted one for years but I just don’t get on with single coil guitars. Rather than messing about changing pickups I’ve decided to put it up for sale and save up for a high end Les Paul. Neck is incredible, the scalloping makes bends and vibrato super easy. Very hard to find new in the UK, so grab a bargain. Gigbag and Duncan straplocks included. More coherent information available here ! https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/electric-guitars/stratocaster/ritchie-blackmore-stratocaster/0139010305.html?rl=en_US
  2. Ok so here we have Burns Brian May Red Special in excellent condition. This is the Burns model not the BMG one so comes with the proper tri sonic pickups not the imitation ones like the BMG. Other benefits are Groover locking tuners which are a rare beast on a guitar at this price point. The tuning stability is incredible compared to my USA Strat. This also benefits from a pro setup and fret dress from House of Tone in Chester so the playability is spot on. Everything works as it should. No scratchy pots or switches, frets are immaculate and zero fret isn’t worn. Truss rod functions well and isn’t stiff. Condition wise I can’t see a ding on it, it’s at least 16 years old so I’d say it’s in incredible shape and shows virtually no signs of being played. Official (and rather nice) Burns hard case is included also. A very nice guitar with an incredible neck. It’s also very light but doesn’t suffer from neck dive. I bought this a while back and got it sorted out with the intention of giving it to my son but he’s showing zero interest in guitar so up for sale it goes. I’d keep it but it’s not pointy enough for me \m/ I’ve played this through an AC30 with a hotplate and a treble booster and the sound is pure Brian May. All in all it’s a hell of a lot of guitar for not too much money ! Official Blurb Country of Manufacture Korea Introduced... 2001 (Club Series) Discontinued... 2004 Scale 24 ins No. of Frets 24 (with zero fret) Body Bound Mahogany (semi-hollow) Neck Ebony-capped Mahogany (set neck) Headstock "Arrowhead" with Grover locking machine heads & BM signature Colours/Finish *Vintage Cherry, Sunburst, Translucent Green, Translucent Blue Scratchplate Black Pickups 3 x Tri-Sonic wired in series Controls 1 x Volume, 1 x Tone, 3 x Pickup On/Off switches, 3 x On/Off Reverse Phase switches Bridge/Tailpiece/Tremolo Burns DeLuxe tremolo unit Hardware Chrome Weight 4Kg
  3. The one he has currently weighs more than my precision bass so I suspect not.
  4. So my 8 year old has been messing about with my basses and as you’d expect can’t cope with the scale length. I picked up a rather nice Epiphone Les Paul Gothic guitar for very little money second hand for him but he really struggles with the weight (I didn’t think this through !) So my question is, what can you get that doesn’t have a trem, is Gibson scale or shorter and doesn’t weigh as much as the moon ? Oh and it must be cheap ?! Was thinking about Squire Tele, but the scale length would be too long I’d have thought.
  5. I’d consider myself passable on bass, and somewhere around useless on guitar unless it’s something by Slayer or Anthrax. I really should get around to learning chords, it would probably help with the day job 😉
  6. Gosh, I spent a lot of time in that group around ten years ago. It was a really nice place to be. Does USENET even exist any more ?
  7. I just thought I’d pop over the divide and say hello ! I went through a couple of phases of playing guitar, mainly in thrash bands, but I never managed to graduate to sensible playing 😉 These days it’s all just for fun, in the house stuff, but I still get a lot of pleasure from chugging along to 80s thrash and 70s metal on guitar. All below the 12th fret of course I’ll lurk here on the off chance something pointy with a pointy headstock comes up for sale 😉 Tara Seán
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