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Stratocaster bridge recommendations

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I’m looking at replacing the trem bridge/block on my fender Stratocaster. Can anyone recommend what’s good? It has 42mm nut width and 9.5 radius. I’ve been eyeing up the ‘narrow fender bridge’ made in Taiwan. Also the Gotoh GE101T made in Japan. 

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I have always been happy with the Wilkinson hardware for my home build strats (although I always use a blocked trem), and they make several sizes to fit what you already have without modifications if needed. But, as @ezbass asks, why would you need to swap it out? I haven't had any problems with the trem in any of the Fender or Squier strats that I have had (and that is about 60 to my shame....). If it is just to replace the bloack, then loads of aftermarket options will fit.

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