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New toys.

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I came back from the UK yesterday with an entire suitcase of stuff I'd managed to squirrel away over the last 7 years in it's own suitcase. All of it bought for less than market due to being in the right place at the right time. With the delivery of a couple of V30 loaded 1x12 cabs today, I spent a decent chunk of this afternoon, jetlag permitting, putting a couple of the preamps through the MPX G2 (which I already owned).  

My favourite amp is a Princeton Deluxe which is being shipped over, it nails the sound I've always wanted to hear.  But I didn't expect how much I would like the Marshall JMP-1!  I even preferred it to the Mesa Studio pre. 

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Yes, that was the reason for acquiring it but i never realised how punchy it is. I've developed a new appreciation for it. All the recordings I've listened to don't really do it justice.  Too much compression.

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I can’t remember what preamp I was using but it was a Marshall, although not the nice valve driven one you have there (maybe a Valvestate). I definitely had a Marshall 2x12 cab and a Digitech RP10 in front of it all.

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8 hours ago, ezbass said:

I can’t remember what preamp I was using but it was a Marshall, although not the nice valve driven one you have there 

Heh, ironically the JMP-1 is solid state distortion but uses a valve to filter the sound a bit.  Their 9000 series preamps sound nice too but maybe a little less sweetened.


I have a bunch of paperwork to do today but I'll hopefully have some time to try the Triaxis out later.

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Unfortunately the paper work took longer than expected but I did get to put the Triaxis through it's paces.  It's lovely.  Tight, thick, articulate, compressed, smooth...everything you would expect to hear on an eighties/nineties rock track.  It's a different beast altogether compared to the JMP-1 BUT...my version of Triaxis has a 'british voiced' Lead 1/red channel which I presume is supposed to sound like a Marshall.  It's definitely got a bit more midrange but nothing like the unfiltered punch of the JMP-1.




For shits and giggles I thought I'd try the pedalboard planned for the Fender PRII through the Marshal 20/20 power amp as well given a couple of the pedals are supposed to be preamps.  It sucked!  The sound was weak and lifeless - no warmth or mids, slightly harsh top end.  Maybe there was an impedance mismatch somewhere.

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