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New-ish Body designs opinions please!

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30 minutes ago, ezbass said:

I like the 2nd one very much, echos of… well, you know who ;) (nuff said), without being a copy.


The 3rd one, with a more extended upper horn would work for me too.


The 2nd one was supposed to be more based on a guitar version of a Corvette than a he who shall not be named but looking at it again it kinda does doesn't it? 🤔

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14 hours ago, FrankAtari said:


I believe that the 3rd one is the best because if offers access to the neck, very useful if you play down there.

Thanks for the feedback everyone 


I'm probably going to extend the top horn a bit on #3 like @ezbass commented and I'm going to try and do #1 with a kind of chevron pattern for the top which I'll probably start doing tomorrow,


#1 & 3 are probably going to have the Poplar top and #2 I haven't decided yet I might do a plain pallet top darkened down a bit but all of them will be scaffold board backs


I've got a telecaster template set coming by the end of the week so hopefully that should make my life a lot easier and I've started making a jig to carve the necks which will more than likely Oak or Sapele with the opposite fretboard or I might do a Poplar fretboatd depending on how soft it feels


I'll post pics when I get started..... 👍🏻 

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