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Rig Rundown

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Hi, I'm Richard (Chud)


I've been playing the guitar on and off since I was 13, I'm now 47 and forever looking for better sounds and tones.


My biggest music influence over the years has been Metallica, I first heard Orion back in '87 and I had to know who was playing it and have been a massive fan of them since.


Rig Rundown:


Amp - Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier.

Cabinet - Marshall MX212R  2x12" Celestion Seventy 80's.

Guitar - ESP KH-2 (Customised EMG Solderless System running EMG Bone Breaker Pick-ups with a 24v Mod).




Acoustic Simulator - Boss AC-2.

Amp Modeler - Joyo California.

Chorus - MXR Analog Chorus.

Compressor - MXR Dyna Comp.

Delay - VOX Satriani Time Machine.

Looper - TC Electronic Ditto.

Noise Gate - MXR Noise Clamp.

Tube Screamer - Ibanez TS Mini.

Tuner - Korg Pitch Black.



Pedal order from the effects loop on my amp:


Amp Loop Send - Tuner - Noise Gate - Compressor - Tube Screamer - Amp Modeler - Acoustic Simulator - Chorus - Delay - Looper - Amp Loop Return


Guitar plugs direct in to the amp.




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Updated Pedal Arrangement
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Great intro there, complete with gear photo too; just the ticket. It’s not super busy here, but then it doesn’t take hours out of your day catching up with all the updates, but we’re always willing to throw our collective weight behind any questions, guitar related or otherwise. Many of us are also bass players and contribute to BassChat, where it’s a lot busier, but we come here to chill and talk about the 6 stringed thing without the gentle ribbing we receive there (all very good natured though, they’re a nice bunch).



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