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Long lasting strings

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50 minutes ago, Skinnyman said:

Which ones? There seem to be quite a few different ones…

I use Nanoweb 10's; they last years (I have 'rusty' fingers...), although, to be fair, I'm a drummer, so don't play my guitars day in, day out. I have a couple of guitars I've not brought out to see daylight for a couple of years, and when I hauled one out the other day, it was still in tune; I played all afternoon on it (Hofner Verithin...). I used to use Fender Bullets, but they go rusty on me very quickly; well before 'dying'. Soooooo... Elixirs. A tad more expensive at the outset, but far and away cheaper in the long run. I usually wait for a 'pack of three, price for two' offers, for instance. I've just fitted a set on my 12-string electric, too (a pain in the wotsit, changing strings on a 12-string, so I like to do it as little as possible...).
Hope this helps... rWNVV2D.gif

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8 hours ago, Dad3353 said:

Tone..? What is this 'tone' of which you speak..? o.O

My middle brother, Tony (really, I do have an older brother called Anthony, Tony, Tone, etc).


C’mon, Dad. You know what I’m talking about, you are pulling my chain, so to speak (maybe ‘rattling my machine heads’ is a more appropriate metaphor).

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7 hours ago, ezbass said:

... you are pulling my chain...

Only partly, in truth. I've been playing guitars, of many sorts, for over half a century now; I worked in a music shop for several years, too. I can't honestly say I've ever known anyone, least of all myself, that consider the 'tone' of any make of strings, from Cathedral through Ernie Ball to D'Addario and Elixir, passing through many others (Dean Markley, Fender etc...). The gauge will have an effect, but when I changed from Fender Bullets to Elixir, I noticed only that they lasted one heck of a lot longer. Tone..? That's my fingers, and (partly...) the guitar and amp. OK, pedals, too, when used. But the make of strings..? That's a new one on me. Others may have better ears than me (not difficult, especially these daze..!); I'll ask Our Eldest (a luthier and guitarist...) and see what he thinks. No, it's not a factor I've ever considered, tonally. The feel, yes, but not the tone. Blind, I'm not sure anyone could tell what brand is what. :|


Edit: Our Eldest is also surprised by the notion. If there is an effect, it's well down on the list of potential tonal changes, behind fingers (obviously...), pick-ups, potentiometers, amp, jack lead and more. Very difficult to do a real 'A/B' test, too, but our experience is that the brand matters little, tonally. Just sayin'. B|

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I couldn’t tell you what brand was being played, but I could hear that some makes were a lot brighter, some were warmer/more mellow. Perhaps it was more down to the materials used, Slinkys and D’Addario EXLs are almost identical in sound to my ears, both are nickel plate jobbies. I had a penchant for bright strings once upon a time and used Dean Markley Blue Steels. With coated strings, I sometimes found them a little more muted to ordinary ones (back before my ears went to crap), which kind of makes sense I suppose; thus my original question.

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