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On 05/09/2020 at 19:14, ezbass said:

I don’t know anything about these, but it sure looks nice. Reminds me of Westone Thunder guitars and basses.

Very similar in style. Never actually seen one of the higher end Thunder III models with the thru-neck in person. I have a lefty Thunder IA in the guitar, and the Thunder IA Bass, lefty again, a very early one with the MKI logo. At that end of the line they are bolt-ons, though mine are both the 'natural finish' version which was considered the one to have back in the day because from the front they were designed with a sandwiched body to mimic the appearance of the thru-neck. Never owned a thruneck of any sort, but I'd consider the right Ric as long as it didn't look too "Beatles"....  Very well made instruments indeed, though not really my style these days, so they're going to have to go eventually. When we first got into guitar easy back in the early 90s,a friend had a Thunder I, the very basic passive version - essentially a p-bass set-up, sounded great. Back in those days  when they turned up they could be had for half the price of a new Squier. Value seems to be creeping up now, I suppose a mix of the kids getting into the eighties aesthetic and the word getting out about the quality of Matsumoku guitars... 

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