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  2. This guitar is in pristine condition and is set up and plays perfectly, comes with case (slight mark on case) and all case candy, (colour Lucerne Aqua Firemist, Rosewood). You will not find or play a nicer strat, this thing is a tone monster, still selling at GAK for £1799. Grab a bargain and save £400 on a new one. Message for more photos if interested, no time wasters, no trades, cash is king and pick up only, unless you arrange courier and once it leaves me its yours so make sure you get the correct insurance cover for shipping. I took this in a trade so want to sell on as I am not really an electric guy. No PayPal, cash or bank transfer only. Blurb below There is no greater example of guitar hero Eric Johnson's devotion to his art than his signature model Stratocaster guitar. With singular attention to detail, the Eric Johnson Stratocaster RW features a two-piece alder body finished in thin-skin nitrocellulose lacquer, a quartersawn maple neck with bound round-laminated 12"-radius rosewood fretboard, a three-ply parchment pickguard, pickups voiced by Johnson himself, staggered vintage-style tuners, a custom tremolo block, and four brand-new finish options, three of which (Lucerne Aqua Firemist, Tropical Turquoise and Medium Palomino Metallic) are exclusive to this model. Deluxe blonde hardshell case included. Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster (Rosewood) Features: Body Material: Alder Body Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer Body Finish Neck Shape: Soft "V" Shape Number of Frets: 21 Fret Size: Medium Jumbo Position Inlays: Pearloid Dot Inlay Position Markers Fingerboard: Rosewood Fingerboard Radius: 12" Radius (305 mm) Fretboard: Rosewood Neck Material: Quartersawn Maple Neck Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer Neck Finish Nut Width: 1.650"� (42 mm) Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm) Neck Plate: Custom 4 Bolt Neckplate Neck Binding: White Fingerboard Binding Truss Rod Nut: Original Vintage Style Pickup Configuration: S/S/S Pickups: Three Specially Voiced Eric Johnson Single-Coil Pickup with Countersunk Mounting Screws Pickup Switching: 5-Position Blade: -Position 1. Bridge Pickup -Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup -Position 3. Middle Pickup -Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup -Position 5. Neck Pickup Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Bridge Pickup) Hardware Finish: Nickel/Chrome Bridge: American Vintage Synchronized Tremolo Bridge Cover: Includes Chrome Bridge Cover Tuning Machines: Staggered Vintage Style Tuning Machines String Nut: Synthetic Bone Switch Tips: Parchment Switch Tip Tremolo Arm Handle: American Vintage Tremolo Arm Saddle Height Wrench: .050" Hex (Allen) Wrench Strings: Super 250R, NPS, (.010-.046 Gauge) Unique Features: -Quartersawn Maple Neck with Soft "V" Shape and Vintage Tint -Bound Round Laminated Rosewood Fingerboard -Extra Smooth Neck to Headstock Volute -Special Neckplate with Engraved EJ and Kokopelli -2-Piece Deep Contoured '57 Style Lightweight Alder Body, 1957 Style Body Cavities -12" Radius Fingerboard -Pearloid Dot Inlay Position Markers -Height Staggered Vintage Style Tuners which Eliminate the Need for String Trees -Vintage Tremolo with Silver Painted Block and '57 Style String Recess (No Paint Between Base Plate and Block) -3-Ply 8-Hole Parchment Pickguard -5 Tremolo Springs and No Back Tremolo Cover Plate Case: Deluxe Blonde Hardshell Case with Brown Ends (Gold Interior) Pickguard: 1-Ply Parchment, (8 Hole) Included Accessories: Deluxe Blonde Hardshell Case, Levy's® Woven Strap, 15' Koil Kords™ Cable, "Ash Tray" Bridge Cover Control Knobs: Parchment Plastic
  3. Hi Gav, and welcome, i play bass, but have also been making efforts to get back to a six stringer, have sold my Les Paul and Burns, and am having a custom build 52mm nut solid body electric built, a neck wide enough to get my useless fingers into, i still have a lesson once a month, and will get some tuition for the new build when its done. So, your'e ahead of me already.
  4. You can use the strikethrough option (funny-looking S at the top of the edit screen) on items that sell from a list.
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  6. I am interested in the Ibanez line of jazz guitars. I was impressed by a video demo of the Artcore AS73 (produced by Yandas Music). If anyone has experience of any of this line, I'd like to hear your thoughts on quality, price--whatever impressed you (or turned you away). Thanks. Wylie
  7. https://imgur.com/a/3ET4kD0 Please click the link to view all the pictures. So due to a number of factors (bad back/sciatica being the biggest) I need to sell my pedals and board. I had to list a price but some bits are worth more than the £50 I set. All pedals are in working order, but have surface scratches as they have been well used and gigged up and down the country. I am going on a guide price of what they go for on eBay but hoping to avoid the fees that can incur! I am open to a little negotiation but please be reasonable. Postage is not included so will be set to cover the delivery not to try to make any money extra from that. Boss Tremelo TR-2 = £45 Boss Chorus CE-5 = £45 Boss Super Phaser PH-2 (Japan made) = £50 Boss Flanger BF-2 = £45 Ditto Looper = £45 Sold Aroma APE-5 Digital Delay = £20 Mesa Boogie V-Twin - Discontinued pedal (This is a tough one to let go! It is missing one of the screws to hold the top guard in place and all the writing has pretty much been rubbed off! The LED for showing you are on the heavy channel has popped inside, but again does not stop it working!) It has served me very well for many years and is such a great pedal. I first got it as my Marshall at the time was essentially one channel and I needed that to be clean. This gave me the warm rich distortion I had wanted from the amp! They go on ebay for up to £200 (but appreciate they are in better condition) however I am not looking to sell it for super low prices when the pedal itself is still sounding amazing! £150 The pedal board itself is of solid construction. It is 102cm x 46cm x 25cm - Adrenaline Flight Cases - Locking ends with key. I had wood in place to screw the pedals down to so the board underneath is essentially brand new (no velcro used on it directly, except for a 4 bar on one side). The plastic around the handle tore so while it looks scrappy, I have added a leather cover which is held down with velcro. £150 Pedal board power supply and daisy chain leads and fixing to hold it in place = £12
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  9. dieseldalziel

    Which guitar

    That's a lot of cash for a beginner's guitar..but the B & G looks 👌
  10. Thanks, it really is. They just brought out the 12" cab - I think the 10" has been out for a few months now.. It sounds superb, even at quite sensible volumes. I'd like to try the smaller cab some day for comparison.
  11. Emily

    Which guitar

    I’m a beginner on electric guitar should I buy a B&G little sister guitar or a fab telecaster I’ve been offered
  12. Looks like a sweet little set up! Had no idea Barefaced did guitar cabs(as opposed to bass cabs)
  13. Hi! good to see you here!
  14. Whichever is easiest - one big advert is easier to create and bump as you need to but can be a bit confusing for potential customers to follow as individual items get sold. Keep the layout clear and that shouldn't be too much of a problem though ...
  15. So I have derigged my pedal board and have a range to sell. Do I list them one by one here or can I do it as a selection of them as one post? Thanks Tom
  16. I got this pair as an upgrade from the little 1w Blackstar combo I've been using for the last eight or nine years. It's a DV Mark Micro 50 Mk 2 head and a Barefaced GXII cabinet (American voiced) and they sound absolutely fantastic. I'm really impressed with the amp - the clean channel is fantastic but I'm really impressed with the drive channel. It's basically an overdrive pedal built into the amp but it means I can add a little bit of dirt to the tone and still keep everything at neighbour-friendly volume levels. I'm also really impressed with the cabinet. It's super light and handles everything the head throws at it without ever sounding strained. I really like it with the clean channel on the head - a touch of reverb and my Epiphone es175 sounds wonderful. I'm well chuffed with these two 😀
  17. Rainy spring - Slow Blues in Am - Guitar improvisation by Marcus Nalgaber - Gibson L4 Ces Best regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  18. Technical guitar exercises - (3-1 & 4-2) (1-3 & 4-2) (3-1 & 2-4) (2-4 & 1-3) (4-2 & 3-1) (2-4 & 3-1) (4-2 & 1-3) Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 3 1 & 4 2 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 1 3 & 4 2 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 3 1 & 2 4 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 2 4 & 1 3 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 4 2 & 3 1 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 2 4 & 3 1 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 4 2 & 1 3 - Marcus Nalgaber
  19. Individually is the way to go, IMO. Slightly more hassle, but I think more folks will be certainly more attracted to pedals they’re after if they see them in the thread title.
  20. I'd be tempted to sell everything seperately. It's more hassle but i think you'll get more for them overall. If there's one that's likely to be harder to sell, maybe bundle it with one or two others but in general I think separate is your best plan. And probably here or BC as the first option for the head and cab.... There's probably no right or wrong approach here but that's how I'd do it
  21. Romantic Smooth Jazz - That day that I fell in love with you - Guitar Improvisation Regards, Marcus
  22. Technical guitar exercises - (1-4 & 3-2) (4-1 & 3-2) (4-1 & 2-3) (1-3 & 2-4) Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 1 4 & 3 2 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 4 1 & 3 2 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 4 1 & 2 3 - Marcus Nalgaber Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 1 3 & 2 4 - Marcus Nalgaber
  23. Hello, Before I list some gear for sale I wanted your advice on the best way to do it (and maybe where gets the most interest). I am loathed to use eBay as the fees are high and you get stung on what you actually get at the end of the process. Gumtree can be a bit limiting for distance although pedals are postable if people pay. Basically I have gotten old and have a bad back and sciatica (I know cry me a river....) However I am looking at getting rid of my stupidly large board and pedals and possibly by Blackstar head and cab. My question is do I try and sell the board "as is" (The image has changed since I took that photo of the board. No longer has the delay pedal or pitch-shift and has my wireless kit on it). Do I sell them all as parts getting may £30/40 a pedal. On ebay I have seen that the V-Twin (Mesa) pedal goes for around £200/300 and with the condition mine is in (working but well used from gigging) I would expect the lower end, but you know ebay can surprise you on these sort of things. Before I actually list them here or else where I just wanted advice on what would get me the best bang for my buck. Thanks Tom
  24. Funky Jazz Fusion - Flying crabs - Jam Guitar Improvisation by Marcus Nalgaber Best regards, Marcus Nalgaber
  25. Technical guitar exercise of combined fingering 1-4 & 2-3 Regards, Marcus
  26. Hello friends, We are Marcus Nalgaber and Mora Amaro La Loba We are a duo and we are dedicated to making our own original music in a serious and continuous way and without profit We are very happy to be part of this forum Regards,
  27. No, I’ve not tried them, but when I was looking into HBs (quite some ago) these are the ones whose description seemed to fit my requirements at the time. DiMarzio’s descriptions seemed to be very accurate and not just sales speil.
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