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    Might be worth looking at looper pedals. I've got a Boss RC30 which I use for building up tracks (bass, rhythm, lead) it also has a few drum patterns built in which are basic but functional and 99 storage slots so that you can preserve the loops you like. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of starting and ending the loops in exactly the desired points but it's a lot quicker for roughing out and recording ideas than any home recording software I've ever used.
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  4. Alan Murphy (for his beautiful, hauntingly melodic solos) Steve Lukather (for his bombastic, balls out solos, quirky jumps and power chords) Nile Rodgers (because funk, baby) Both my feet are planted firmly in the early to mid 80's.
  5. Mine would be either a Suhr Modern Carved Top with a set in neck rather than a bolt on, mid boost and a Wilkinson VS-100C trem. Or it would be a Yamaha MSG copy with HSS pickups, through body neck of maple and mahogany (like the SG) and a Wilkinson VS-100C trem.
  6. I think the answer is going to be no, to this question but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. Is it possible to wire neck and bridge pickups to the middle position on a vintage 5 way selector switch and retain all the other pickup selection positions as standard? I know its possible to do it by swapping a couple of pickup leads but it screws up the order of the other positions.
  7. Rich Lasner designed the Pacifica 1412 and 1421 guitars which are boutique level quality (and sadly now, fetch boutique level prices). It's not possible to generalise about Pacifica models, they span the full range of price points. But yes, they're all well made. I like Yamaha guitars a lot.
  8. Old Japanese guitars like Aria and Yamaha are worth a look. Yamaha's SC700 or Super Session for example. Or Aria's Pro series, all unfashionable stuff from the 80's.
  9. Kiwi

    Ibanez jazz guitars

    They feel very nice. Low string tension when set up properly. I have a hankering for an Artcore AS93 at some point.
  10. I’m a big fan of Tokai and have owned at least 3 of their guitars in the past (2 of which were LPs IIRC). However, Epi make a nice guitar for the money too.
  11. Hi all, I have just started playing again,the last time was when I was sixteen years old lol,so I am definitely noob here and i need some advice on a new setup please,I love all kind of rock music mostly guns and roses,and if any body got any links for easy GNR songs I would really appreciate that! Well,I have been on eBay and I would like your help on which guitar is the best! Here is two that I really dig Epiphone Les Paul standard is £190 and still day left to run. Tokai love rock model gibbo Les Paul is £150 buy it now or make offer! Thanks Jag.
  12. Hi everyone newbie here just started learning a few months ago started out with an encore electric guitar which I bought for my son whom after about 10mins said "it's not for me dad" lol so I thought I've always wanted to learn so I started now I'm 100% hooked, just bought an Ibanez gio and dont think its gonna stop there
  13. Up for sale is my Boss Katana 100 1x12 combo. Amp is in great condition and can produce a massive range of great tones. Everybody has heard of them, everybody is amazed by them, they're just fantastic. Problem is, I have had my eyes set on a Vox AC4 or AC10, and many other valve amps for a little while, and need to clear some funds to get one. The old 1-in-1-out rule. Will get some pictures up soon, or if needs be will send you the pictures I had off the guy I bought it from 4 or so months ago. I think between us, it's had less than a years ownership. Will include a cable to connect it to a computer and access the Boss Tone Studio. I've found this to really transform the amp. £170 on collection from Birmingham, B36. Will trade for Vox AC4 or other smallish valve guitar amp, show me what you got.
  14. Sounds to me like you could be after a Boss Katana. Loads of amp models, built in effects, can take a USB direct from the amp into the PC to change amp models, FX and record with. Headphone out for when the kids are asleep (or neighbours kids in my case). On top of which, the built-in attenuator takes it from a home-approved 0.5w all the way up to a more than giggable 100w. I don't want to be that guy that plugs things just because I have them for sale, but a Boss Katana could be a very convenient and inexpensive way to record, practice and gig with.
  15. Looks pretty straightforward to me. Fretting hand is playing basic first position chords (mostly A, D, E with the odd F#m). Picking pattern looks to be thumb picking root-fifth, index finger picking 1st then 2nd string, thumb-index to finish. Repeat. The actual strings the thumb is playing depend on which chord is being played. Example: for the A chord the string sequence would be 5 4 1 2 4 2
  16. dlloyd

    Ibanez jazz guitars

    I have an Ibanez AF95... in short it's as good as you'll get for a sub £1K jazz box. I'd have trouble justifying an ES-175 over it.
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  18. It has an overdrive button.And a gain control.I will try your suggestions and see how I get on I was really getting myself all muddled as to which to turn up and down. I also used the bridge pickup thinking it would work as the neck pickup seemed quieter.I was possibly going completely the wrong way about it. I am a total novice so everything is learning.Thank you. I really want to play something through so I feel I am progressing.Everything is a bit of a struggle at the moment.
  19. I think there's a video posted on you tube by EBMM where they show how to "finish" an unfinished maple neck and fretboard with TruOil.
  20. How about an SG? Very similar beast to the Les Paul - two humbuckers, Gibson scale length, etc., but a *much* thinner and lighter body. The Epiphone SGs are pretty good, and I've been bashing away on a Vintage VS6 (https://www.jhs.co.uk/vintage-vs6-reissued-electric-guitar-cherry-red-gold-hardware) for years now - great value for money, especially with all the Wilkinson hardware! Plus I've always thought they look more badass than LPs...
  21. The classic Black Sabbath guitar sound is a Gibson SG into a Laney valve amp - obviously that would be quite an investment, but one of the key differences in the tone will be the fact that the SG has two humbucking pickups*, and those do sound quite fundamentally different from the single-coil pickups in a Telecaster. It's a thicker, more bass-heavy sound, but you can approximate it by using the neck pickup, turning the tone down a little, and keeping the guitar's volume up. Now to your amp: does it have a "Gain", "Drive", or "Input Volume" control? Getting the overdrive under control can often be key to these things - in my experience, you can usually get a decent overdrive tone out of smaller practice amps, but they can also sound quite "fizzy" if you set the drive too high. Have a play with the overdrive at lower gain/drive/input vol settings - you want plenty of crunch, but you also don't want to lose the definition in your sound (if you don't have gain/drive/input on the amp, you can turn down the guitar's volume to tame the overdrive). As for the amp's EQ, I'd probably start by backing off the treble a bit, and experiment with the bass and mids to see how it sounds - I'm afraid it's hard to be specific without knowing the amp myself! Hope that's of some help - let us know how you get on! *well, probably P-90s when they recorded Paranoid, but those sound more like humbuckers than Fender-style single coils!
  22. Oldkat


  23. I stripped and sold off bits of my Strat with the body being the only piece remaining. Offered, MIM Black Strat body from 1998 (date stamped) in good condition (trem, neck, tuners, pickups, scratchplate etc not included, but jack plate is) A couple of small dings on the sides but it's not through to the wood and although it looks like a mark on the front, at the bottom, it's not/wiped off Factory routed for a humbucker £120 PPG, Bank Transfer or Cash, including Special Delivery
  24. Still available and offers considered.
  25. hi, I have been trying to figure out this picking pattern for a while now. I asked a few people but they have either said I don't know or try listening yourself and figure it out, but I cant. the song is Benjamin twine by George Ezra, here's a link on YouTube to a live video of him playing ->
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