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YouTube Trawl #2: Joyo US dream

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Following on from Kiwi's trawl thread, here's mine for my guitar dirt box of choice.

Having seen a pedalboard run down video with Dave Kilminster (I like him a lot), I was very taken with the sound of his Suhr Riot pedal.


Then I found a video of my current fave guitarist, Lari Basilio, using the mini version and it still floated my boat.

Thinking this might be the very pedal for me, I trotted off to my local guitar emporium and tried one out, even with me using it, it was very pleasing to my ears, but horribly expensive given my bedroom guitarist status these days. So some way of getting one at a lower cost was required, Google time - "Suhr Riot Clones". Select videos and, et voila, as they say over the Channel.

I forget how much it was, but it wasn't expensive at all (£30ish give or take) and so this resides at Ez Towers and does the job very nicely. 

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