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Isle of Everything - Ocho

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We finally got it over the line!

This was supposed to be a band effort. We went in to record the rhythm tracks in January 2020, thinking we'd get that done while recruiting a singer and a guitarist.... then Covid hit!

Rather than wait we decided to go ahead and do it all between the two of us, what we didn't know how to do, we'd figure out along the way... it's all about the bass and drums anyway, isn't it?🤣

Recorded between lockdowns, as and when restrictions, funds and work allowed, we finally got it together.

If any Bandcamp users fancy giving us a follow, that would be much appreciated. I've only just put it all up there, and I'll not get chance to sort any social media stuff until the weekend, so no-one knows we exist and we're on a grand total of zero followers... the only way is up!


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3 hours ago, NickD said:

We finally got it over the line!...

Let me know when I can get a physical CD of this, posted to France (I don't 'do' downloading, and the site says not to order from outside the UK. I can pay directly to you via Paypal, or any other means you may prefer, just give me an all-in price and a PP address and I'll sort it. I haven't listened to all the tracks (I like to keep some surprises...), but what I have heard sounds Jolly Good. I like to support BC (and, by extension, GC...) efforts, most especially when they're Good (which this is...). Let me know, then, if and when it becomes possible (by PM..?); meanwhile...
Thanks for posting, and have a great day.

Keep well, stay safe


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Thanks Douglas, your kind words are appreciated!

I wrote that on Bandcamp, as the tax laws for shipping to the EU changed on the 1st, and I need to get some clarity on how things will happen so as not to risk anyone getting a nasty surprise. Absolutley gutted, as we've lots of friends in Europe from previous projects and tours, who've shown interest in our new venture.

Rules are different for Basschatters though (and Guitarchatters obviously), and I'm sure I can find a way to make it work. I'll look into what can be done and drop you a line!

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