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  1. Hello everyone...

    I am a beginner, late starter guitar player, although learning for the past few years, find it tough going, so thought 'i would join a guitar forum, that might help support me in my learning.  Really into heavy metal, but enjoy playing folk stuff too.  Have a crafter accoustic, and an ario pro 2 electric guitar. Love to write songs and mess about with differnt sounds and wanting to learn and engage with others...


    Have arthritis, so finger joints, don;t always do as they are told, but enjoy playing, no matter what i sound like, not into perfection, just into learning, pleasure and enjoying all of it as much as is possible...

    1. Kiwi


      Welcome, better late than never I guess.  I only got semi serious about it 5 years ago, myself and I'm 50 this year.

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